The Story Of My Life

Who Are You

Full Name: Lily Elena Martinez

Birthday: August 27, 2003

Race: Hispanic

Gender: Female


About Me...

I enjoy watching the walking dead.

I love to play volleyball and basketball.

I love to get coffee at Starbucks.

I like to play loteria.

I am athletic. 

I love my family.

And I love God.

Whats important to me?

My friends are important to me because they always got my back and they encouraged me through out the school years. My family are important to me because they always look out for me and they love me. Also my dog because she loves me and puts a smile on my face. My accomplishments are important to me because I have grown so much and have done things that I thought I couldn't do. And God because he always looks out for my family and gives me so much blessings.

My 7 Important Events..

6 Years Old- Clown Birthday Party

P.S. I never liked clowns when I was Little.

6 Years Old- My First Pumpkin Patch

5 1/2 Years Old- My First ballet Class

6 Years Old- Hello Kitty Birthday Party

10 Years Old- Went to Six's Flags For My Birthday

12 Years Old- Went To go see my Grandpa Mario in El Paso For his Birthday

12 Years Old- Cancun, Mexico


What will you do in the Future?

What I plan to do in the future is maybe become a medeoralogist or work at starbucks if that does not work out.

I been planning to become a dance teacher because dancing about half of my life and meet lots of dance teachers in the past. And hopfully I would have my own little dance studio. That would be my third choice of what would do in the future.

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Story of my life

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