collapse : effondrement

power relationship/struggle : rapport de pouvoir/force

critical mind : esprit critique

reviewer : un critique

added value : valeur ajoutée

trust : confiance

ownership : actionnariat


  • Video games world industry = 90 billion dollars (2015)

  • Observation : a large part of video game media collapses

Why such a lucrative industry sees the interest of his media collapse ?

Why ?

Declining newsprint demand ?

Difficulties with the digital revolution ?


Journalistic critical mind questioned ?

How it works

Good opinion of reviewers 


Good communication about the game 


$$$ Many sales $$$

How it works

Editors doesn't take any risks...

 ...thanks to 2 points of pressure

  • Advertisement
  • Information


No critical mind

No added value

No public trust

The new face of the reviewers

Cyprien, DiabloX9, Squeezie... YouTubers or "Let's Players" 

Better than a journalist

Let's players registred and comment their gamer experience :  

More interactive (video format)


More close with public


More trust

Same job, same issues...

Attraction editors, Let's Players are : 

  • New communication tools
  • New trust makers

The most important = exploiting the trust 

Can we end the power struggle between reviewers and editors?

2 things must change

  • pressure of ownership
  • the role of advertising in benefits of the media

and the dependence of the media can be relativized

In the video game industry, this media issue is well known but it concerns the whole cultural press (music or cinema) and also the simple press...

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