Bobsledding was invented by the Swiss in 1860. that attached two skeleton sleds together and a steering wheel. This became a sport in Switzerland in the late 1860s. 

This sport is played by 2 or 4 teammates and you go down a narrow track that is iced and the track has twists and turns.  In bobsledding you must go 1200m that must be sloped on a downward incline.  Each team goes down in each 4 heats.   

There are 4 or 2 players involved in a match.  You must get the best time down the track.  

The length of the track is 1,710 meters and 5,610ft.  *When it comes to scoring you don't score you get the best time limit

The basic strategy is to to get the best time and go really fast.

The equipment for bobsledding is brakes,push handles,helmet,start shoes,and a sled.  Bobsledding is dangerous.

This sport has changed since its origination from better sleds faster tracks and being a lot safer.

The leagues that are in involved are professional because it is in the Olympics.

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The penalties in bobsledding is tipping over your bobsledding jumping out of your sled.

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