Chernobyl Disaster

Chernobyl was a big nuclear accident in the 26 of April,1986. Chernobyl was a a big nuclear plant runned by the Soviet Union. The reason the Chernobyl accident happened was because the soviets allowed things to get too hot. One part of the nuclear plant exploded and sent fire and a lot of radioactive smoke into the atmosphere. Over 1,000 people were heavily exposed on the day of the accident. So over more than 20 countries got affected by Chernobyl for example here are a few who got really affected, Romania,Sweden, Belarus, Germany, Ukraine,Poland. Chernobyl caused a lot of people to die due to the radioactive exposure and a lot of farming fields got ruined also animals got affected too.    


Acid rain is mainly caused by humans. Humans cause this "acid rain" by sending air pollution into the atmosphere. Also causing rain to be harmful to forest and lakes. The acid rain is made up of very different components such as burning of coal, and waste gases which contain sulfur and nitrogen oxide. The "acid rain" began in the early 1980's. Acid rain can destroy forest and buildings.  


BP oil spill was the biggest oil spill disaster in the U.S history..

The spill was in the gulf of mexico. The cause of the spill was because of an explosion on one of the oil pipes. The oil pipe gushed out oil for 87 days straight. The oil harmed so many things throughout the days for examples a lot of animals and land were hurt. Animals suffocated because oil got into their lungs and plants on land died because of the oil.


Tornados is one of many horrifying type of weather.   Tornados can be deadly in some cases but it depends on what type of tornado you get. There's different types of tornado's, there's an F0 or EF0 tornado which is the weakest and then there's an F5 or EF5 tornado which is the strongest and deadly if you not in a secure place. For example in Moore Oklahoma may 20, 2013 an F5 or EF5 tornado hit that area. 


A tsunami is a big wave from the ocean that hits land and floods it. They are caused by an earthquake in the bottom of the ocean and creates a huge wave that sends it to land. Tsunamis can be deadly if don't get to high land because if you don't then you can drown. The biggest tsunami that hit land was in japan in 2011. It was a disaster at that time because nobody was prepared and ready for it because it came unexpectedly.  

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