Story of my Life

Name: Jiselle Guadalupe Tipton

Birth: February 15, 2003

Race: Hispanic

Gender: Female

Age: 13

All about Me

  • I describe myself as a talkative, funny, brave, energetic, adventures, intelligent, crazy, and cute person.
  • I loveeeeeee to travel.
  • I love to watch The Walking Dead (OMG.)

Issues I Could Solve

I would like to solve some issues happening around this world like bullying, immigration, and war. To help find ways to help solve these problems is by making groups and have people join them to support and protect our nation. Bullying can be stopped by having people make great speeches at school to teach bully what they are doing that is not the right thing and should be helped to do the right thing. For immigration i would search all immigrants but let the good immigrants come to live in America and live a bettering free life from all the stress. For war we could negotiate with many other places and talk about what we could trade to not destroy this wonderful world created for us.

Important to Me 

Family: They gave me a great life and i love them, they made me who i am today.

Bella: She is my only and favorite dog and i love her for who she is.

Friends: They help me through a lot of problems when i need it the most. 

God: He answers my prayers when i need it the most.

Ariana Grande: She inspires me the most to believe in myself and to never give up and she is very talented.

My Event

  • February 15, 2003- I was born.
  • 1 year old- Went on a cruise for my birthday.

More Birthday Photos

My Event

July 26, 2006- My brother Alfredo was born.

Baby Pictures

My Event

10 years old- Did my 1st communion

My Event

Beginning of school year- Joined orchestra.

My Event

January 26, 2016- My grandpa died.

My Event

End of yearn 6th gade- Made it in NJHS.

My Event

Summer- My dad surprised me with a dog named Bella.

My Event

12 years old- Went to Puerto Vallarta with my dad.

My Event

March 26, 2016- I surprised my best friend Jasmin at her surprise birthday party.

Older Pictures

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Story of my life

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