Lacrosse in Columbia By: Grace Robinson

Lacrosse was originated in America and was first started in January 1, 1998

How to play Lacrosse 

The lacrosse team that ends the game with the most goals wins.

A game clock keeps track of what is happening and who is winning. 

Lacrosse rules

The rules for lacrosse is that first there are two television timeouts per quarter in MLL (Major League Lacrosse) games.  

The rules of lacrosse are similar to basketball. The team with possession of the ball must take a shot on the net 

players are on the attack. When a team is not in possession of the ball, all players are on the defense trying to get it back from the other team.

Players invold

There is a maximum of 18 players per team in MLL games.

Length of lacrosse

Women's lacrosse matches are made into halves instead of quarters like a normal game, and can range in length from 50 to 60 minutes. 

Minor league lacrosse games is, from 8 -or 12-minute quarters to three 20-minute periods, much like a hockey contest.

Winning Teams

The MLL uses a 60 second shot clock, which is reset after a goal is scored.

The Feild

 A lacrosse field is 110 yards long. The goals are 80 yards apart with a playing area of 15 yards behind each goal. The length of the field is divided in half by a center line.


Never be standing still. If you are standing still, you are doing something wrong. Make all of the passes sharp and short.


The Lacrosse equipment you will need is a Lacrosse stick is made of wood, with a shaped net pocket at the end. Then the stick needs to be 40 - 42 inches.


In the game of lacrosse there are personal and technical fouls.

A personal foul is a one-minute penalty. A player with five personal fouls will be ejected from the game. Technical fouls is a 30-second penalty. 


The National Lacrosse League currently plays an 18-game regular season with 3 teams from each division. There is an East and a West.

History of Lacrosse

 lacrosse was invented by Native Americans but has gone in changes through the years.

When other people played it they called it Box Lacrosse because of how it was set up and played. The rules have changed from then and is now just called Lacrosse.


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