Facebook and the Characteristics of Digitalization

Facebook is a company we have all come to know and love. It is a major part to many peoples daily routines. With each passing minute the number of people on Facebook is growing exponentially as you can see to the right. Facebook has become one of the best communication technologies to come out of digitization, but what are some characteristics  of digitalization that stand out in Facebook?

Digital Footprint and Facebook

The idea of Digital Footprint and Facebook I feel go hand in hand. Everything that goes on Facebook (or any other site) is recorded and extremely difficult to completely erase. As we learned in this weeks lecture, it is nearly impossible to delete yourself off of Facebook. In the video we were shown the level of difficulty in erasing your account on different sites and Facebook was one of the difficult ones. It stated that you may be able to delete your account but all the messages that you have sent can never be deleted, so a part of you will always remain. You can really see the effect of the digital footprint with celebrities. A few years ago there was a very unflattering picture of Beyonce floating around on Facebook and I read that she and her publicists were trying to track down the photo and completely delete it off the internet, but this idea is impossible. There are far to many different places and different hiding spots for every single one of those pictures to be completely deleted. As you can see I have found this photo and in just a matter of seconds. I have also included a video about a positive digital footprint

Timeless Time and Facebook

Facebook is a perfect example of Timeless Time because it embodies the ability to process both synonymous and asynonomous. For example logging into Facebook right now I have the option to view my timeline in order of most recent or Top Stories. Most recent enables me to view posts in the order which they were posted. If I were to view my timeline with the Top Stories the posts can date anywhere from a minute ago to three days ago. This is a perfect example of the asynonymous manner because I can view things people have posted in the past. I have included a screen shot of a post that was shared on my timeline that was not from today. This friend of mine shared a post on July 7th at 2:29pm that was originally posted on July 2nd at 1:30 pm and It showed up on my timeline of July 8th at 9:30 pm. I am also able to log into Facebook and real time chat with any of my online friends. This is an example of the synonymous manners. 

Death of Distance and Facebook

Death of Distance and Facebook are two ideas that fit together like a puzzle. Death of Distance is the speed of which information can travel and Facebook is a perfect place to go to find out about current events going on all around the world. At the top of the page when you log into Facebook you can see a trending tab that gives you a bunch of stories that are currently trending around the world. I think this is a very useful tool because I personally am not one to check the news very often and rely on my social media to keep me updated. 

I believe that Facebook has many more important characteristics to digitalization but these three I feel you can really see when using Facebook. From what I have described, hopefully you can see what I am seeing and get  a sense on how Facebook and the Characteristics of Digitalization connect.

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