My Life

By: David Huerta


  • Name- David Alexis Huerta
  • Birthday- July 21, 2003
  • Race- Mexican

Things that are important to me

Jesus- He died on the cross to forgive all of the sins that we ever did in our life time.

Mom- This women made me and gave birth to me.

Dad- He is the one that teaches me big boy stuff 

Oxygen- 65% of the human body has oxygen that helps us breathe

People- Without people, how could you survive without any knowledge on how the world works 

Important Events
God- God was one of the things that created everything in the universe

Jesus- Without Jesus, everybody who died will go "downstairs" if he wasn’t crucified.

Oxygen- Oxygen is one element that every living thing needs to live

Dad- He raised me on how not to be a little kid and take things like a big boy

Mom- She gave birth to me and is very protective on what I do but sometimes in for the best

Birth- I won't be alive if I didn't have it

learning Words- My first language was Spanish and i had spoken that language most of my life and learned how to communicate with people.

What Will I Do

I would be making people laugh with my friends and hopefully making their day a bit better.

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