How does Google account fit with the characteristics of digitization?

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Timeless Time

  • Google Inc was founded by an information technology consultant who was tired of the time tracking software available on the market. The software available wasn't flexible, it didn't allow users to track time the way they do business, and users couldn't generate reports on the information most relevant to them. He developed Timeless Time & Expense to solve these problems, and he launched the first version of Timeless Time & Expense in 1997.
  • In the following years there were multiple updates of the single user software focusing on customer suggestions. In 2002, in response to customers demand, the company launched the multi-user version of Timeless Time & Expense. This version allows users to share tasks and report on multiple users, allowing flexibility for multiple users and for project managers overseeing larger projects. In 2007 the company launched the a web version of Timeless Time & Expense, providing the same power and ease of use in a browser.
  • In 2009, the most popular user requests became Timeless Time & Expense 3. Additionally, a new product, Timeless Project Tracking, was released. This new product added many project tracking features to the already powerful Timeless Time & Expense.

Death of Distance ---->

Death of Distance

By creating one Google account, I can do many things in real time. I can play online games with someone else in other side of the world. I can see someone in really time via Skype, Google Hangouts and many web based applications. Personally I realized it's speed when I was in chatting with my friend on Google hangouts, while I was talking, she told me there was earthquake and after couple of seconds, I also felt that. I already knew that It should come towards me too because distance between us was not far. Moreover, with Google blog we can access news, anything popular happing around the world without any delay: We can access it almost real time. 

Poly-Directionality ---> 


  • In addition, one online account is Poly - Directionality. For instance, our Google+ or Google blog transfer our information to many and we also access information of many people whose account is on Google as well, it also works on one - to - one. 
  • Google blogs & Google+  are open to the public and anyone can access them and provide their feedback. 
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