• Jing-mei recalls to her mother, Suyuan. 
  • Suyuan's husband brings her and their twin daughters to Kweilin where she gets the idea of founding the Joy Luck Club with her three girl friends. 
  • Jing-mei went to Hsus's apartment where the second Joy Luck Club is located. 
  • Jing-mei took her mom's seat and played mah jong with her mother's friends. 
  • She tried to leave. An-mei blurted out about her mother's unfinished business.
  • Auntie Lin told her about it that twin sisters are still alive and live in China. She gave Jing-mei money to travel to China and find her twin sisters. 
  • She decided to accept the money because she recalled her mother's words "The East is where things begin.". 



  • Suyuan Woo

One of our first introductions to Suyuan is as the founder of the Joy Luck Club, or rather, two Joy Luck Clubs. In both China and America, Suyuan starts the club in order to bring together a community of women to celebrate their happiness and luck in life and she is Jing-mei Woo’s mother.

  • Jing-mei (June) Woo

Jing-mei is Suyuan daughter. She fills in her mother’s shoes after her mother died. And auntie Lin told Jing-mei to find out her twins sister.

  • Lindo Jong

She is BFF and enemy of Suyaun. She is the person who told Jimg-mei to find her sister.

  • An-mei Hsu and Ying-ying St. Clair

Friends of Suyaun and the founders of The Joy Luck Club.

  • The Daughters

The twins are Suyaun daughter and Jing-mei sister.


  • 19th century, The second Sino-Japanese war.
  • San Francisco and China
  • The "present day" of the book takes place in the San Francisco Bay area.In a series of flashbacks that take place over China: Kweilin and Chungking.


  • Initial Situation

Jing-mei has some big shoes to fill.

Jing-mei’s mother has just died and Jing-mei needs to fill her mom’s spot in the Joy Luck Club. She’s feeling pretty inadequate for the job, but heads over to the Hsus’ house for the club meeting.

  • Conflict

Unfinished business

Suyuan died with unfinished business left behind. An-mei blurted out about it.

  • Rising situation

Jing-mei’s doesn’t think that she’s capable of telling her twin sisters about their mother because Jing-mei isn’t sure she knew their mom herself.

  • Climax

Auntie Lin told Jing-mei that unfinished business is twins sister is still alive and live in China. She offered Jing-mei $1,200 to travel to China.

  • Resolution

Jing-mei decided to find her twins sister.



In The Joy Luck Club, most of the transformations are accomplished through hope, understanding, and life circumstances. Hope, for example, allows people and objects to become more than they really are.


In The Joy Luck Club, friendship is critical, rocky, competitive, but always loyal. The women by turns seem to hate each other and can’t seem to live without each other. 

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The Joy Luck Club

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