"Good slogans have rhyme, rhythm, or alliteration to

make them memorable," writes columnist William Safire.

 "Great slogans may have none of these, but touch a chord of memory, release pent-up hatreds, or stir men's better


Structures "Noun, noun, noun" and "Noun , noun and noun"


• Patriotism, Protection, and Prosperity (In Gold we trust, Sound money)

• National Unity. Prosperity. Advancement.( To Assure Continued Prosperity)


• Reform, prosperity and peace

• Peace, Union, and constitutional government.

• Rum, Romanism and Rebelion

• Peace. Progress. Prosperity

• Protection-Reciprocity-Honest Money

• Liberty. Justice. Humanity.

• Honest. Able. Fearless

• Life, Liberty, and Landon

  • Prosperity and Progress
  • Prosperity for America's Families
  •  Leadership for the New Millennium
  • Government Of, By, and For the People...Not the Monied Interests

Positive and Negative

Harsh Reality


• 1884 Gone to the White House,ha ha ha!

Blaine, Blaine, James G. Blaine, The Continental Liar from the State of Maine

• 1928 Hoover and Happiness Or Smith And Soup Houses

• 1936 Sunflowers Die in November

• 1940 Better A Third Termer than a Third Rater

• 1960 Would you buy a used car from this man?

• 1964 In Your Guts, You Know He's Nuts

• 1980 Are You Better Off Than You Were Four Years Ago?

• 1992 The economy, stupid (It’s the economy, stupid)

• 2008 Fired up! Ready to go!

• 2016 Lock Her Up!


• 1844 Who is James K. Polk?

• 1876 Tilden or Blood!

• 1884 -Ma, Ma, Where’s my Pa ?

• 1940 No Fourth Term Either

Roosevelt for Ex-President There's No Indispensable Man

• 1972 Dick Nixon Before He Dicks You

• 2016 When they go low, we go high


"MAGIC WORDS"- "victory" VS "failure"

Name of candidate

25 VS 27

Words of movement, progress, future and going ahead.

«future», «forward», «progress», «advancement», «tomorrow», «new», «better», «best»

«believe», «hope», «reform»- dead heat and no impact

«change»-8 VS 3

Patriotism, national unity

«Patriotism», «all», «every», «union», «free», «freedom», «peace», etc…

work only during really trouble times 

Security and safety

«safe», «strong», «trust»,«prosperity» -

usually lose

We, us, you VS or not VS I

  • appear inclusive
  • “you” and even “I” on behalf of voter.
  • bring victory

Victory words

«win», «leader», «first»,


usually lose

“America,” “Country”, “People”

13 VS 19

  • Barack Obama 

  • Change We Can Believe In
  • Change We Need
  •  Hope
  • Yes We Can!
  •  Change
  • Fired up! Ready to go!

  • John McCain

  • Country First
  •  Reform, prosperity and peace
  •  People Fighting Back
  • •We'll fight back

A slogan, it's what people are using

  • can be easily repeated in various sentences
  • can be used alone (posters, speeches, etc)
  • can be used both by candidate and voters/supportes
  • short and powerful


  • use or update  successful old slogan (not in a row and no more then twice)
  • be actual ! be memorable ! 
  • rhyme, rhythm and alliteration may be beneficial but they are not the main or vital features
  • no "Noun, noun , /and noun" structures
  • use different slogans (+ and -), (general and partly specific)
  • consider harsh slogans related to your opponent
  • be clear enough while being general
  • let people to hear what they want
  • make just positive and overall promises
  • use calls/ exclamation intonation
  • it should be short and thrilling !
  • consider successful "magic words"
  • appear inclusive with "we", "our", "us"
  • also can make it speak on behalf of voters 
  • should be easy to use both by candidate and voters/supportes
  • can be easily repeated in speeches and alone


  • do everything oppositely to "stronger together"
  • be too wordy
  • be boring
  • be predictable
  • repeat slogans in a row or more then twice
  • be rude
  • be too general or too specific
  • use multiple similar slogans
  • don't be actual
  • rhyme, rhythm and alliteration is more important then meaning
  • use Noun, noun , /and noun" structures
  • be unclear
  • make questionable calls and promises or totally avoid them
  • no emotions
  • don't be inclusive
  • should  be used just by candidate
  • should be hard to remember

  • endless list.   OR  even better - don't use slogans at all...

Thank you!

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