The truth about the Harry Quebert affair

a love story without a time limit

Joël Dicker 

-French, Russian ancestry

- Was born in 1985

-Son of a bookseller and french teacher

-animal protection award “Prix Cunéo pour la protection de la nature”

- when he was 18 years old he moved to paris and studied drama for one year

-he returned to switzerland to attend law school

"August 30, 1975

"The day of the disappearance."


"That summer, struggling author Harry Quebert fell in love with fifteen-year-old Nola Kellergan. Thirty-three years later, her body is dug up from his yard, along with a manuscript copy of the novel that secured his lasting fame."


"But with Nola, in death as in life, nothing is ever as it seems."

Main character and stories:

Marcus Goldman

Nola Kellergan

Harry Quebert

Goldman: A young writer after his first big success

Kellergan: A fifteen-year-old girl from past, dissapeared without a trace for thirty-three years

Quebert: Successfull writer in his sixties and university professor

There are two main stories:

1. The love story between Harry and Nola and her resulting death.

2. The story about Marcus and his investigations.

A story about his friendship with Harry.

Prime suspects in case of Nola's murder

first. Harry Quebert

(Nola's body was found burried in his back yard)

second. Luther Caleb

(painted Nola naked and was falling in love with her, died after Nola's disappearance)

third. Mr. Kellergan-Nola's father

(Nola was beaten, nobody knows the truth about her bruises until the last chapters of Dickers book,when he discovers the truth about this)

fourth. Robert Quinn

(was suspected because he was driving a black monte carlo, the car in which Nola disappeared)


Harry and Nola

-loved each other

-he waited for her all the time since her disappearance

Harry and Marcus

-father and son in law

-student and professor (mentor)


"Cherish love, Marcus. Make it your greatest conquest, your sole ambition. After men, there will be other men. After books, there will be other books. After glory, there will be other glories. After money, there will be yet more money. But love, Marcus, after love, there is nothing but the salt from tears."

The book

What I like:

1.Every chapter is headed with one of Harry's rules for writers, boxers and human beings.

2. It is a big book with 615 pages, but you are not getting bored.

3. In this book, nothing is what it seems like at the end.

Harry has given Marcus 31 advices and rules for writers, for boxers and for human beings, like Marcus wanted him to.

Joel Dickers book has 31 chapters.

He followed each of the rules.

""Your second chapter is very important, Marcus. It has to be incisive, hard-hitting."

"Hard hitting?"

"Yeah, like boxing, You're right-handed, but when you're in the guard position it's your left hand that hits first. A good, hard jab stuns your opponent, and you follow it with a powerful cross from your right to knock him out. That's what your second chapter has to be: a right-handed punch to the reader's jaw.""

""When you get to the end of the book, Marcus, give your reader a last-minute twist."


"Because you have to keep them tenterhooks until the end. It's like when you're playing cards: You have to hold a few trump cards for the final part of the game.""

I will not tell you who killed Nola Kellergan and I won't tell you what exactly will change in the last chapters.

I do not care if you want to read this book or not.

I tell you, you should.

I had fun by reading it.

Sometimes it was funny, sometimes it was heartbreaking, sometimes sad and sometimes strange.

Joël Dicker

"a young, attractive, and incredibly successfull author"

-suddenly became famous with "The truth about the Harry Quebert affair"

-had an assistant called Denise

Marcus Goldman

a young, attractive, and incredibly successfull author.

-suddenly became famous with "The truth about the Harry Quebert affair"

-had an assistant called Denise

""The last chapter of a book, Marcus, should always be the best.""

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