Fencing in Argentina

The sport fencing was originated in Spain between 1458 and 1471. When several books about fencing were written.   

In this sport there is 2 people that go head to head on a long board called a piste. Which is 1.5 to 2 meters wide and 14 meters long. 

In fencing you have protective gear including gloves and a mask. Plus there are three different swords a foil, épée, and a sabre.

There is many ways to score in fencing. Each weapon or sword has different ways and rules to score. With a foil which is a light sword you must hit in the torso, back,neck, or groin. With an épée which is a heavier weapon your opponents entire body is your target.Then you have a sabre which weighs the same amount as the foil but you can only hit above the waist but the hand does not count. 

Fencing has many strategies like a thrust which is when you extend your weapon and arm out trying to hit your opponent. There is also a lunge which is same as a thrust but you extend your front leg and a parry which is when you block an opponents weapon from striking. 

When you do score you get one. Though to get a point in fencing you have to hit with the tip of sword.A fencing match takes about 9 minutes and the final scores are counted. 

Some fouls or penalties you can get in fencing are going off the back of the piste. Which will give the other player 1 point and if you go off the side the other person gets to move one meter before you can move.   

Some leagues Argentina has fencing has are the world championships and they also have fencing in the Olympics.

Fencing has changed a lot overtime. In the beginning of fencing there was really only one school that taught fencing.Though over time there was more schools and it started to become known as a sport. After a while it started to become a famous sport and was in the Olympics and now holds many tournaments.       


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