Today anybody with an internet connection has the ability to acquire an audience of millions for free. This ability has never before been possible, until now.

The Story of Youtube

Before the creation of youtube, whenever you wanted to watch a video, it had to be on VCR, and in later years, on a DVD or through cable networks. The idea of being able to stream videos over the internet was not thought to be possible.

Youtube was first founded by three former employees of paypal, all of which noticed how difficult it was to find funny videos of stage bloopers from popular performers at the time.

A new Arrival!

On February 14, 2005, the domain was activated. The first video uploaded onto the site was (if you’re curious) by one of the co-founders himself, titled “Me at the zoo.”

Youtube continues to demonstrate many different qualities of digitalization. One of it’s most prominent features is its poly-directionality.

After the Youtube partner program was launched in 2007, suddenly it became possible for people who loved making videos to turn their hobbies into a business. Depending on the popularity of the producer, one person had the ability to share their creations with hundreds of thousands of people- exhibiting the power of one-to-many poly-directionality.

This introduced a new platform that allowed all kinds of businesses and people reach out to the world. Now artists and comedians can have their own channels to promote themselves, politicians or activists can spread their ideas and opinions to anyone who wants to listen, and even businesses like Target and Apple have their own youtube channels- all thanks to these different degrees of poly-directionality.

Another one of Youtube's prominent features is the fact that it supports the idea of the death of distance.

There is also the death of distance. We now have the ability to watch others vlog about their lives from the other side of the world. People in the United States can keep in touch with their favorite content producers in Europe, or Japan. This broadens our ability to communicate with each other without having to worry about what side of the earth we live on.

The death of distance is not more perfectly portrayed by Eric Whitacre’s virtual choir of 2,000 people, all from different countries and walks of life. Each singer sang their part alone on a video recording, following a general conducting pattern available by the composer himself. Hundreds of thousands sent their video auditions in, and Eric combined them together into a breathtaking musical masterpiece.

Lastly, Youtube demonstrates the feature of Timeless Time.

Youtube also shows characteristics of Timeless time, as people all over the world have the ability to watch videos whenever they please. Popular youtube channels that offer educational resources like Khan Academy are perfect examples of how Youtube allows people to asynchronously process all kinds information.

Thus, Youtube shows many of the characteristics of digitalization, from poly-directionality, the death of distance, to the Timeless time.

The end.

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