Neptune By Kenzy Benavides

Neptunes mass compared to earths mass

Neptune is 3.9 times bigger . Now mass of neptune to write is 1.02 x 10 25 kg . Neptune has 17 times as much mass compared to the earth

Neptune's moons 

. Neptune has 13 moons 

Neptune's Size compared to earth

Neptune is the 4th largest planeit in the solar system so it's very large its 15,299mi  

Neptunes moons names

1. Triton     10. Psamathe

2. S/2004 N 1    11. Naiad

3. Thalassa    12.sao

4. Laomedeia   13. Galatea

5. Larissa  

6. Proteus.

7. Despina

8. Neso 

9. Haimede 

How long it takes Neptune to orbit the sun 

Neptune revolves or orbits around the sun once every 164.79 Earth years, or every 60,190 Earth days. Neptune travles at an average speed of 12,253 miles per hour or 19,720 kilometers per hour in its orbit around the sun. 

Neptunes atmosphere 

The atmosphere of neptune is similar to all the large plantes in the solar system ; it mostly consists of hydrogen and helium with trace amounts of methena water ammonia and other ices. But unlike the other gas planets in the solar system, Neptune's atmosphere has a larger proportion of the ices." 

Neptunes temperature

Neptune is one of the coldest planet in the solar system maintaining a fairly consistent average of -200 degrees celsius. Towards the planets equator, temperatures can get as cold as -218 degrees celsius, while temperature at the south pole is about 10 degrees celsiuse warmer.

Neptune from a telescope image

 Best Hubble telescope image of Neptune 

The reason i did neptune is because i thought it would be  interesting  to do such a big planet that has 13 moons and has a pretty blue . And i wanted to do a planet i havent done yet.xz

How many spacecraft's that visited neptune!!!!

2 spacecraft 

"The only spacecraft that has ever visited neptune was NASA's Voyager 2 spacecraft, which visited the planet during its Grand Tour of the Solar System. Voyager 2  made it's Neptune flyby on August 25, 1989,passing within 3,000 km of the planet's north pole,"

Neptune was discovered by jean joseph Le verrier.

Known to ancient civilizations beacause it is not visiable to the naked eye. The planet was initially called le verrier after its discoverer. This name,however,quickly was aboandoned and the name Neptune was chosen instead.

Neptune is the roman god of the sea.

In greek, Neptune is called poseidon

Neptune has the second largest gravity of any planet 

In the solar system 

Second only to jupiter

Neptune spins very quickly on its axis.

The planets equatorial clouds take 18 hours to complete one rotation. The reason this happens is that Neptune does not have a soild body.

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