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By: Ethan Parkhurst


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Ancient Egypt Religion

The Egyptians used to worshipped gods for thousands of years. They first believed that the first god was Ra, the sun god. He came out of an egg and had 4 children.

 They were named: Geb, Nut, Shu, and Tefnut. Geb and Nut's children were named: Osirus, Isis, Set, and Nephthys. Osirus and Isis over threw Ra and became rulers of the world. 

Set, who has always hated his brother, killed him in battle. Isis commanded Anubis to restore him, but he could not leave the underworld. So he became ruler of the underworld.


Temples and Other Gods

After the Gods were created, the sea receded and land showed. This is where the supposed first humans were created. They started to worship the enneads and triads. A ennead is a group of 9 gods. A triad is a divine mother, father, and child.  All of them are gods.The greatest of the enneads was a group of Ra's offspring worshipped a Heliopolis. Most of the gods were taken from other religion, not even important in Egypt. those already named, those 9 gods that make up the ennead are: Amon, Thoth, Ptah, Khnemu, Hapi, Hathor, Mut, Neith, and Sekhet.

Picture of Enneads



Ra was a troubled man. He was overthrown by his own grandchildren, he was forced to go inside a god that was his daughter, and he risked getting killed by a snake. The worst part is that he did this all alone. He went into the Goddess on his own and might have not come back out. He also had to do twelve arduous tasks, each taking an hour. During that he had to fight off a snake that was bound to kill him. So he had one protecter with him, and that was the cat goddess called Bast. She would fight off the snake while Ra did the tasks. He also was attacked by his own grandchildren. 

Ra The Sun God


The Norse's Version of Creation

In their version of creation, there were two worlds, fire and ice. They were fighting over the land between them, Ginnungagap. In the world of ice, Odin the Sorcerer killed the first frost giant and used his body to create earth. The two worlds were still rampant, and were fighting over the newly formed land. So they had Frey, another God, take control of the two worlds, and that let life bloom on earth.

The Worlds of Ice and Fire


The Nine Worlds

As you know, there were 3 worlds you know about. But did you know that there were nine worlds? There names were: Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Asgard, Midgard, Muspelheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Alfheim, and Niflheim. 

The 9 Worlds


The Nine Worlds Part 2

Asgard was the home of the gods, with it's giant gates of iron and weapons of steel. Jotunheim was the home of the frost giants. Niflheim was the world of ice and snow. Muspelheim was the world of fire and ashes. Midgard was the home of the mortal world, where we stand now. Vanaheim was the home of the other types of gods. They are mostly nature gods. Nidavellir was the home of the dwarves, who are excellent craftsmen. Alfheim was the home of the light elves. Svartalfheim was home of the dark elves. That is all of the nine worlds.



Odin was on the side of insane and sane. He hung himself on a tree and cut himself open to get the secrets of the runes, he killed a giant and used the body to create the earth, and he had two very twisted sons. I'm going to start about cutting yourself open and hanging yourself on a giant tree that supports nine worlds that has very dangerous creatures. It might have been a good idea at the time, but when you are hung, it's too late. 

Odin Part 2

But, nevertheless, he found out the secrets of magic casting. He also created the earth out of a body. I don't know what happened next, but I bet it wasn't pretty. Then he has the two evil sons. Loki, who killed a baby with a dart, is very smooth and likes to see the worlds burn. A lot. He is being held by his own son's tendons and has a snake pour venom on him. The other is very greedy and takes everything for himself. His name is Thor. He craves war and destruction. Odin will have a tough time choosing who is king.



Ragnarok Part 1

Ragnarok was the doom of the gods. The World Tree is on fire, and the lower levels gets flooded. In that short time, Loki got free, and so did The Fenris Wolf. Then, the army of Frost Giants would appear at Asgard. Heimdall sounded the alarm and the Gods readied for the battle they have been waiting for. Then the battle started. Thor killed the World Serpent, but Thor was bitten with venom, and with his ninth step, he died. Heimdall and Loki slew each other in the battle.

Ragnarok Part 2

The Fire Giant Surt killed Frey the god that held together the boundary of ice and fire. They were both unleashed and destroyed everything in Midgard. Then everything will go quiet and the world will be sunk under the waves. Then, from under the waves, comes the land. The gods come back and the nine worlds are rebuilt. 

Ragnarok Image


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