Our Objective is to build awareness & create the need to illustrate the simplicity, practicality, and technology of StyleMate

Our target audience are working professionals between 25-35

Content Strategy


  • Approach 15 of the top influencers in the country and make them think that they will be getting a personal stylist directly to their home.
  • Create buzz about the same personal stylist that styles Kim (hoax)
  • The influencers will document the experience in their Social Media channels.


The Launch Dinner

  • Customized VIP invitations with (#StyleMate) printed on it.
  • Invitations will be distributed to the influencers, the press, and "regular" people from our target audience.
  • Formal dinner at a well known restaurant
  • Restaurant staff complicate the experience
  •  Demonstrate the footage of the personal stylist experience.
  • Reveal StyleMate 

Post Launch Event

  • In a shopping mall we will create an augmented reality experience
  • We will offer a live demo of the app to the public
  • Engagement of #StyleMate
  • Sponsorships  

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