Sterility and Infection Control in the Operating Room 

Surgical Site Infections... What are they?

1 in 24 Patients develop an SSI

Incidence and Prevalence of SSIs

European Data for Hospital-Acquired Infections (HAIs)

The Cost


$3.45 - 10.7 Billion

Where do surgical site infections begin?

What creates a sterile environment?

What are the components of sterility?

1) Designate and maintain the sterile field

2) Surgical Scrub/ Hand antisepsis            

3) Patient skin prep                                       

4) Barrier Protection (gowns, drapes, etc.) 

5) Practicing sterile technique                     

6) Other (traffic control,laminar airflow,etc)

Hand Hygiene: Do we do it like lizards?

Hand Hygiene: How to scrub

Use protection in the OR....

Time to get dressed!

A final note: Visitor Etiquette

So in conclusion, don't do this...

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