Hi , my name is lizbeth carbajal

 and I'm going to show you my journey 

  I was born in Houston , TX , April 20th 2003 . 

I was born at  Memorial Herman Memorial City hospital  

I'm a very unpatient  person im very quit at first but when you get to know me I'm really fun to be around with .

The people I care about is my family and friends because there always there when I need them .

People think im the happiest girl but im actually not sometimes. The most hardest moments of my life is when my parents were arguing and almost got seperated i thought my life was over but then they stopped arguing and started going trew marriage counselling 

I love baking especially with my mom its a thing i could take my stres away and just relax and also have fun  and spend time with my mom , That i love so much .

I have 2 sisters but one of them is my half sister and i dont get to see her often because she lives in boise idaho im not really close to her thats why. My other sister is sometimes really mean to me and shes always just in her room looked up and when shes out of her room she dosnt really want to talk to me .

I love traveling but we don't travel that much. The best trip is when we went  to panama city florida because my whole family went and it was so fun .

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