When subscribing... 

...users give different quality/quantity of data to different websites.

We call it: categorisation

We need a platform that will allow all possible types of organisation.

Quick data modifications

Modify the data you want for a whole profile or a single website...

...we will take care of the rest :)

Time for the demo

Our previous experience

September 14 - January 16

Smartphones repairs

Incubator IESEG 2015

Lille & Paris

5 points of sale

7 repairmen

Online diagnosis - Automatic repair registration

Next stage

Model and pricing validation

Join a web-focused incubator in France

Raise funds (equity and crowdfunding)

Finish building your platform

Q&A Slides

Business Model

Price of 4€/month 

if users want more than 3 profiles

Our Market

Even if...

...our product has a core design/functionality that allows all types of users

We need a starting point

24-27 yo French

Marketing Strategy

Classic Social media marketing (Facebook, twitter to begin)

Clustered Emailing (22 schools, 24 companies)

Network effect gamification on the landing page (waiting list, sharing)

Our Ecosystem

Our technology

Fill-in bots with conversion table

using OCR as a check-up method

APIs development after a certain critical mass

The team

Ben : Breton

Studies: US, South Korea, IESEG

Stages: Cambodia, South Korea, Switzerland

Sports: Squash, running

Victor : Charentais

Etudes: Ireland, Thailand, IESEG

Stages: China, Spain,


Sports: Surf, running

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Public - 3/20/16, 11:02 PM