The Problem

Possession is nine-tenths of the law...


  • Difficult to establish asset ownership (Title companies)
  • Processes different in every state
  • Record look-ups only available at a cost (LexusNexus)

Recovery: Demand / Beg

Recovery: Fight


  • Anchor the asset/transaction in a Blockchain
  • Track the details in a virtual chain
    • Ownership, signatories, etc.
  • Actual content on fungible data storage
    • Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure, Google Drive

Example: Marriage, Birth, Car, House, etc.


Key Finding

Implementation: Easy given the infrastructure

Key Management:

  • Manual Process
  • Browser Interoperability: Cut-and-Paste
  • Lost Key = (Virtual) Death
  • Must be improved before a wide scale roll-out possible

Related Work

BlockStack: Identity, DNS, PKI

OpenLedger: Ads, blogging, rewards & more

Paxos: Capital Markets

HyperLedger: OpenStack of Blockchains

Finance is Big in this space

Don't be the Dog.

Pop Quiz

Who owns your things (assets)?

   A. The person holding them

   B. The person who can prove ownership

How long will a property dispute take?

   A.  More time than my bank account can withstand

   B. Just a "few minutes" while they dig up the paperwork

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Blockstacking Assets

by idahoincolorado


Public - 11/30/16, 7:56 PM