My favorite things to do in my free time

* I love to play games

* any new game that comes out i download

* I love to eat and watch netflix and other social media

* I used to have a dog but he went somewhere unknown

* his name was Tito

* outside activities I love is biking trampoline and wrestling my brother

* I enjoy collecting figures for videos and such

* I love to go to my friends house and my cousins

* my cousins are weak and they agree and my brother and I  love to protect them

*my cousin jeremiah coleman is in 6th grade 

* my other cousins go to different schools but we all stay in the same county

My favorite highlights of my year vs my least favorite highlights

* my second grade Christmas party

* Christmas eve/day 

* my first day of school

* my first friend

* my 12th birthday

* when I first watched WWE

* my first toy 

* my first electronic
* my first time watching tv and my first time discovering social media

* my first embarrassing when I thought I had to stand but had to sit

* I was caught putting bad words on a paper

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My first bunkr presentation

by csewell32962


Public - 8/25/16, 3:19 PM