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Next >>>1. Bunker

• Bunkr makes it possible for an HTML5 presentation that is very visual and flexible, to be readily available to work on your pone, table or computer

• Bunkr, a French startup, set up to ‘kill’ PowerPoint, helps one with its brilliantly designed app, to collect and organize visual content into slides, which can be customized.

• One can export work in PDF or PPT 

Next>>>2. Prezi

• Prezi is ideal for a non-linear approach to taking notes Similar to to making use of mind-maps

  •Present and edit on-the-go without internet connection

• The speed at which it operates, gives a positive user-experience, as it (speed), does not depend on that of your internet connection.

• Keep files In-sync, in a cloud, your computer or even both

Next>>>3. SlideRocket

• This tool allows one to share the presentation with others, by inviting them to view, and one is able to adjust settings to prevent them from redistributing the work, and or claiming it as their own.

Next>>> 4.Canva

• Allows one to create designs for Web or print: , presentations, Facebook covers, blog graphics ,posters, invitations and much                                                                                                More>>>> 

Next>>> 5. Emaze

• Easy-to-use

 • Cloud-based

• Automatic translation

 Automated translation tool allows one to create a presentation for the entire world to understand

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How to export your presentation

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