Advertisement's on 1920's and 2016. 

By:Sarah Pickett

The difference between the Jello picture, is that it shows the price,and the other one from the 2016 does not.The one 2016 is not wrapped up in a box,it is in a four pack.

The similarities of the two Jello pictures are,they are both in boxes,also have the word jello on it.It also shows what flavor it is.

The difference in the Dr.Pepper pictures is,one is a billboard and the other one is a poster.Also the billboard is outside,on the poster the theme is outside.

The similarities between the pictures,is that there is a outside theme.There is a picture of the Dr.Pepper picture.

The differences in the two newspapers,is that one is from the 1920's and the other from 2016.The colors are different.Also there is a comedy type thing.

The similarities is,they both have important information on them.The people who passed away.

In conclusion,back they had bad cameras,also the way things used to look back then have changed,a lot from back then.Also the way people act,and dress.

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