The Prince

"Since Love and Fear can hardly exist together,

If we must choose between them, it is far safer

To be feared than loved"

"He who wishes to be obeyed, must know how to command"

Yertle The Turtle

"I'm king, and you're only a turtle named Mack"

Personal Connections

Think training is hard...Try Loosing

Lord of the Flies

Ralph - leads with love

Jack - leads with fear

Ralph starts with everyone on his side, but by the end Jack has gotten everyone to join his tribe

Leading with fear is a superior way of leading

The Milgram Experiment

Tests the conflict between personal conscience and obedience to authority

65% of participants authorised a 450 volt shock, enough to kill someone

leading with fear is more effective


Personal connection

My dad, Larry Sparvier, Martial arts instructor

Believes you need to find the right balance of leading with both fear and love

Alice in Wonderland

-The Queen of Hearts lead with fear and caused all to go into hiding

-The Snow Queen wanted to take her kingdom back and bring peace back because a world lead by love is more effective 

Speak Gently 

-Leading with love gains trust that remains strong for a longer period of time

-It gains obedience in a better fashion than fear which only destroys the good in people

Personal Connection

-A reasonable parent creates a better environment that lets one be heard

-A strict parents causes one to rebel and create chaos in the family 

The Prince

-Better to be stingy than generous

-Its better to be cruel then merciful

-Its better to break promises if keeping them would be against ones interest

Donald Trump

- Tells people Muslims and Mexicans are bad

- Wants to build a wall so Mexicans wont go to America

-Sexist Towards Women

My Mom

- having their child brought up in a loving environment

- Helping them through difficult times

- Being strict but understanding its for their safety 

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