Rugby in Russia

Rugby originated from England in 1823 and, is not a national sport in Russia.

The goal is to get the ball to the goal without getting tackled. Its like football but last 80 minutes with half times in between 40 min

The players are split into groups of 6-7 and the goal is a big metal H. The dimensions of the field are 68m wide and 100m long.

The players wear jerseys and the normal outdoor clothes. They need protective gear and a ball that looks like a football.

Both teams protect there goals and earn points by tries and goals. The rules are always changed.

Rugby is played in the Olympics and in Big leuges. America has one of the best teams in the world.

A good tactic is making space for the player with the ball. Using strategy and strong players would make a rugby team great.

Fouls of rugby are like football if you run past the foul line you get a foul or if you drop the ball or get tackled.


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Rugby in Russia

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