The Revolution of Grunge: A success story

What was happening during this time?

-People thought that if they work hard in school, and college they would have the life but they soon found themselves forced to pull espressos. 

-Grunge bands were raw and they dressed like normal people.

-Some people were dirty and unwashed.

Why did the Revolution begin?

-Rock lost its realness with flashings, hairspray, spandex, and makeup.

-People didn’t want to have good clean old fun.

What happened at the end of the Revolution?

-Music was made

- There were mad

-Music was raw

-Dirty and greasy

-Dressed like normal people

-Rock lost its realness

What made this Revolution important?

- Grunge music inspired flannel shirts, checker dress, band t-shirts, crop tops, tight wife beated, baby doll dress, and ripped jeans.

-Since Rock became to flashy, and grunge was raw, better, and less about much you stand out. 

What impact Grunge had on other societies?

-It made people in the 90's realize that just because you study hard you would have a good life.

-Not even college will guarantee a happy life. 

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