First of all, building dam idea was to help solve water shortage within the area. Not only water shortage, but also reduce the flooding rate because the dam slow down the water movement. In the summer the weather get extremely hot, the dam helping people on consuming and agriculture. Talking about dam, it gives a huge benefit to the whole nation cause it can be use to product electric. From all the positive impact it gave, of course there has to be negative as well. In order yo build dam a board area has to be select. Therefore, we have to give up an area. So the question is should we give up an essential environment area for all these benefit the dam gave? 


Agree based on normative ethices theory

Because building dam helping our national on consuming ,agriculture and producing an electricity that can be used within our country.

According to theory having a dam has lots of positive impact. Thus the result is we should build it.


disagree based on categorical ethic theory

If looking from other prospective, dam is destroying the existing environment. Which this result in losting the area due to the replacement to dam.

Based on the theory, eventhough we destroy environment for the greater benefit but it doesnt matter it will account as ruinning nation environment.


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