Biathlon                          Ukraine

Biathlon was originated in Sweden. The year that it had originated was started by the military in the late 1700s. In 1945 the sport distanced itself from the military and was popular with athletes.

 There is no estimated amount of people. the athletes have to be qualified to participate in this sport .   

there is no estimated time in the biathlon events, because if a player misses a shot from the 50 meter range, they will receive a penalty of an extra minute of skiing.  

There is no score board, it is simply a race, who ever finishes first wins.

The field dimensions are anywhere, between 6 to 20 km. Plus the 50 meters shooting.

Some strategies that people use are to slow down their breathing, so they can establish a rhythm. 

some penalties that are huge in this game, are the shooting events. in the 50 meter shooting events you take 

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