My Job Shadowing Experience

By: Michael Perez

How was the experience?

I learned many things that I was not expecting to learn. 

Got some hands on experience where I went to.

Overall the experience was excellent.

Whom did I do the experience with?

Main Interviewee was a person named Tony McFerren. 

Worked for a company called Newly Weds Foods. 

The three of them worked among computers whether it was software or hardware. 

What education is required?

A bachelor's degree minimum to be qualified  

Larger companies require a master's degree in order to be hired.

But it can vary depending on your field. 

What is the salary, certifications, licensure, needed?

Salary for a computer hardware engineer is $111,730 a year or $53.72 an hour

You need an A+ certification

Critical thinking and speaking skills can be very helpful for this career.

Will I be pursuing this career?

Yes I will be pursuing this career.

I can prepare by helping out people with their computers to maintain the knowledge I have.

By taking computer classes in college and high school.

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Job Shadowing

by perezm39


Public - 5/15/16, 4:57 AM