Mission to Mars

By:  Taylor Tennant

Nasa is looking ahead to the first human expected to land on Mars. They anticipate to get there by the 2030's.

In order for humans to survive on Mars, they need all the necessities that they need for Earth. Scientists have thought of creating an air-tight habitat that would help settle.



The planet has a thin atmosphere that does hardly anything to protect it from comets and meteors.  The low temperatures can drop to a bone chilling -225 degrees.

The hardware we specifically need for this mission still needs to be created. All the equipment needed will be developed by third-party suppliers.

The landing module of Mars--carrying rovers to the surface of Mars. Carrying living units that are outfitted.

Module: Mars One will secure the landing modules from one of the experienced suppliers in the world, for example Lockheed Martin. Similar landers will be equipped to perform different functions. 

*Carrying Life Support Units that generate energy, water and breathable air for the settlement.

*Carrying Supply Unit with food, solar panels, spare parts and other components.

*Carrying Living Units that are outfitted with deployable inflatable habitats.

*Carrying Humans to the surface of Mars

*Carrying Rovers to the surface of Mars

- See more at: http://www.mars-one.com/mission/the-technology#sthash.vrwW44yh.dpufMars Landing 

Rovers--two rovers are going to be sent to Mars to set up for when humans arrive. One of them is there to explore the surface and to see how safe it is.





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How to Get to Mars

by taylor123tennant


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