How we make sure we have enough oxygen on Mars?

By: Molly O'Brien

Getting oxygen to Mars

  • A specialized reversed cell will consume electricity and attempt to produce oxygen on mars where its atmosphere is 96% carbon dioxide.
  • Six years from now a machine that makes oxygen will be an operation on Mars.
  • The Massachusetts Institution of Technology is creating an instrument on Mars.
  • The instrument on Mars, called MOXIE, will attempt to turn Mars's carbon dioxide into oxygen.


  • A team of scientists at MIT are working on a machine that is going to make oxygen on Mars.
  • The instrument will be taken to the red planet by a new NASA rover in 2020.
  • If the rover-based test is successful we could build an even bigger version of MOXIE and send it to Mars.

Facts about the mission!

  • The mission to Mars would cost between $1 billion to $2 billion, if fully funded.
  • The mission would launch between July and September of 2020 and would land between 150-300 days later.

Facts about Mars!

  • Mars's atmosphere is only about 1% dense as Earth’s atmosphere.
  • Mars has less than 0.2% oxygen whereas Earth has 21% oxygen.

  • If we tried to breathe on Mars we would quickly suffocate.

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