What is FANclap?

Introducing FANclap. The first clapper with team logos and customized fan clappers and advertising JUST FOR SPORTS. A place where teams, fans, and businesses come together to make the loudest noise! Sounds like its been done? Probably, but not like how we're cooking it up. 

Why Fanclap:

-fans customize clappers

-measures how loud each team is

-form fan groups

-Companies to maximize advertising

....and lots of people use social media while watching.

How do you get these numbers, whats the secret sauce?

FANclap creates all the raw emotion and excitement of watching a game. It will tremendously help how loud each fan is cheering and project the noise level of the entire fanbase. The battle is to see which team has the loudest fans!

Whats the business model?

-Native Ads

-Data and API Sales

-Branded Ads

What about marketing?

-Start with the college market

-Partner with Barnes and Noble College Marketing

-Referral contests

-Social media marketing  


  • 30 million people watched and attended the NBA Finals.  
  • Facebook with its 65 million people talking about the Super Bowl. 
  • FANclap will combine both the fans that attend the game ($9 bill market) and fans watching at home in a way fans will enjoy using clappers. 

FANclap is about to change the game.

How much are you asking?

An initial investment of $250,000 for 3% stake in Fanclap. At FANclap we believe in traction and a quality team. We want to get the clappers in the hands of fans as quick as possible. This is why we will outsource minimum viable product development, prove traction, then with that form a team that can take FANclap to the moon. 

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