23 January 2017

English IV H

Bell Work Question:

Where do you get your news? How reliable/biased is your news source?

2 December 2016

Bell Work:

1. Read through the first page of terms on the handout on the table.

2. Discuss with your group which elements of Shakespearean comedy are present in your group's play.


1. Finish reading play.

2. Decide which events and characters are essential to the plot and theme.

Turn in Senior Superlatives by Monday

13 January 2016

As you enter, please pick up a literature book from the cart.

Research Paper Reminders:

Submit paper to turnitin by 11:59 pm for 5 bonus points. On time submission is 8 am, Tuesday, January 17.

***Read pages 550-556 in literature book. After reading paragraphs 1-10, one person from your group will choose a card to answer. Then, read paragraphs 11-20; another person will choose a card from stack to answer. And finally, read paragraphs 21-33 before answering another card question. Please do not discuss your impressions about the passage until everyone has finished reading.

Good afternoon!

Today we will work on the following items:

1. Reflect on Simon Sinek's observations about Millenials

2. Review annotated bibliography concerns

3. Thesis and Outline check

15 December 2016

English IV Honors


1.Complete Group Evaluation. Put a star by your name.

2. Presentations begin:)

December 12 Agenda:

1. Finish Shakespearean Comedy Presentation

2. Review Rubric and assignment instructions.

2. See megastrawn.wordpress.com if you lost your paper copy.

English IV Honors

7 December 2016

1. Please put all electronic devices in the Cell Spa.

2.Clear your desk of all materials except for a pen.

3. Take quiz.


1. Quiz (15 min.)

2. Work on project with group members

English IV Honors

5 December 2016


1. Create a plot diagram.

2. Create a character list of most important characters.

3. Discuss resolution themes.


Think about possible settings or time periods: 30s Chicago, Vikings, future-space, etc...

**Turn in Superlatives today.

English IV Honors

6 December 2016

Today's Agenda:

Shakespeare Comedy Work Day

Suggested activities:

1. plot diagram

2. essential character list

3. character relationship diagram

4.  have each group member be the expert of a specific act- list essential events by act

And this is why I hold you to such high standards NOW...

Actual email I received today:

Dear Mrs Strawn,

I just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for preparing ****** for college.

She has scored off the chart in her college English 101 class. Every paper she turned in, all the way to the last term paper, has gotten rave reviews!

Her professor emailed her the other night and asked her to come by her office the next day. She was a bit nervous, but was greeted with great news! Her professor complimented her on such great work and she excused her from her FINAL! Told her NOT to show up!!

Makes a momma proud, and wanted to share the good news with you!

Hope you have a great holiday season🎄

Chivalry is dead.

Decide whether you agree or disagree. Explain your answer using specific examples on the post-it note provided and place the answer on the white board in the correct column.

Today's Agenda:

*Read, annotate, summarize, and evaluate.

We have access to the English Lab:)

"How do people just send 'K' when they're angry? If I'm mad at you, I'll send you a 5 page essay in MLA format with proper citation. My responses literally come with a cover page and an annotated bibliography."

Instagram- @browneyes

Today's Agenda:

#Locate sources for annotated bibliography.

#Continue research conferences.

#Print sources so you can read and annotate in class Thursday and Friday.


1. Read, annotate, and summarize research articles.

2. Research conferences- annotation check.

Timeline for the week:

Wednesday- library

Thursday-Friday- summarize/evaluate drafting 


Get an Ipad; check internet connectivity:)

MLA annotated bibliography practice

MLA citation practice

HW: read and annotate research novel

8 November 2016

This Week- read research novel and annotate

Due Date Nov. 14


summary practice

MLA citation practice

4 November 2016

English IV Honors

Do this now, please:

Place your electronic device in the numbered pocket according to your assigned number.

Prepare for oral assessment by clearing your desk of all notes except peer evaluation sheet.

Sydni Binford is up first.

Research Novel Annotations/Reading due date is NOW November 14

Extra Credit is due to turnitin.com by 11:59 pm Sunday. Read directions and do your best.

Details on megastrawn.wordpress.com.

31 October 2016

English IV Honors

Renfest Information

leave from parking lot by 7:45 am

return by 3:15 pm

need money for food, rides, novelties

- $10 for meal ticket


1. Pick up sheet as you enter.Finish TW evaluation and reflection. Mrs. Strawn will pass back rubrics.

2. Turn in philosophical chairs notes if you did not speak Friday for academic practice grade.

3. Prepare for Oral Assessment.

Wednesday and Thursday

Oral Assessment

28 October 2016        Bell Work

Prepare for philosophical chairs by writing whether you agree or disagree with each of the following statements. You have 10 minutes to find proof from the play to support your opinion.

1. Othello's real problem is his own jealousy.

2. It is very important to the play for Othello to be black.

3. Desdemona is not a wimp. She is a soldier's wife and fit to be so. She has good sense, stubbornness, and courage. She can stand up to Othello for the sake of what she thinks right, even when he is in a dangerous mood and few people would care to face him.

4. Desdemona is  not angelically pure. The potential for unrestrained desire must be in her character in order for the drama to work. The more loving she is, the easier it is for Othello to think she has deceived him.

5. Iago is not a "motiveless malignity" as he has been called--a devil who does evil for its own sake. He has a thirst for power and the wit to contrive a way to get it. Desdemona's death is a side effect he did not really intend.

6. Iago's cleverness is not total. He builds into the intricate structure of his plot a piece of terrible stupidity: he fails to understand his wife.

7. The war between Othello and Iago is fundamentally a dispute between the goodness and evil of the world.

27 October 2016

English IV Honors

Important Dates:

*Monday, October 31- TW Self-Evaluation Due

*Tuesday, November 1- Renfest

*Wed-Thurs.(Nov.2-3)- Oral Assessment

Today's Topic: Manipulation and Lies

Today's Topic: Manipulation and Lies

1. Scan the QR code taped to the white board or access the website


2. Read the article about the types of lies people use. Then read the directions and chart from your "Manipulation and Lies" handout. 

3. Independently, complete the chart on the back. An example has been provided at the bottom. Due by end of class.

HW: Read through Act V, scene 2

26 October 2016

English IV Honors

Groups 5-7, prepare to perform Act IV relays


1. Act IV relays

2. Soliloquy Timed Writing Deconstruction

3. Review Oral Assessment Expectations

English IV Honors

25 October 2016

Prepare for Act IV relays- 15 min. 

We will perform in order. Be prepared to answer any questions class poses at end of performance.

HW: finish reading Act IV

Ongoing HW: Read British choice novel- to be finished by November 7

24 October 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

If you have not taken your tableau photo, please see Mrs. Strawn with your caption immediately.

**Act IV relays- make sure you are in groups of 3-4. 

HW: practice your scene.

20 October 2016

English IV Honors


*** Act III, scene 3 Tableaux

HW: Read Act III, scene 3 tonight and the rest of Act III  by Monday.


Renfest forms/money due Friday

21 October 2016

English IV Honors

Please have permission slips and ticket money ready to turn in...

Please sit with your "Tableau" partner. Today, we will finish the tableau project.

Using your device, access socrative.com. Enter the room STRAWN2150

English IV Honors

18 October 2016

Today, you will write a literary analysis essay in class. 

Please place your electronic device in the cell spa or your backpack for the duration of class.

You will need a pen; I will pass back the pre-writing notes.

English IV Honors

17 October 2016

Today's Agenda:

* Sign up for research novel via Sign-up Genius

* Renaissance Festival forms due by Friday

Pre-writing for Timed Writing

1. All pre-writing needs to be on the page provided. Pre-writing will be turned in by the end of the period.

Most IMPORTANT part of essay- THESIS statement. 

Create an outline.

Use the HELP DESK folder to assist you with language choices.


HW: Read Act III, scenes 1&2

Bring permission form and $10 fee by Friday

Be aware of tomorrow's schedule:


HW: Read Act III, scenes 1&2

Bring permission form and $10 fee by Friday

Be aware of tomorrow's schedule:

14 October 2016

English IV Honors


1. Renaissance Festival Information

2. Web of Lies

3. 3D Shakespeare

4. Be sure to sign up for a research book.

HW: finish reading Act II of Othello

English IV Honors

13 October 2016


1. Researching Relevance

2. Swap and Spy Soliloquy Annotation

3. Web of Lies

HW: Read ch. 12 in HRLLP- "Is That a Symbol"

7 November 2016

English IV Honors


* How to annotate-purpose of research project

* Writing a summary and evaluation of an article

* Read article as group- practice summary and evaluation

*****Finish reading and annotating novel by November 14

Tone- attitude of a speaker toward subject or topic

Now, look for evidence of Iago's attitude towards each character mentioned in soliloquy- Desdemona, Cassio, Othello.

12 October 2016

English IV Honors

Good afternoon! Today we wiil take a quiz over Act I of Othello. You will need your device and your answers to the Act I study guide.

1. Go to socrative.com. 

2. Sign up as student. 

3. The room name is STRAWN2150.

4. You will have 15 minutes to finish the quiz. 


1. Review Act I of Othello.

2. 15 minute Othello activity.

3. Research Project Instructions

HW: Read Act II, scenes 1-2

English IV Honors

7 October 2016


1. Ballad Presentations (100 academic practice grade)

2. 15 minute Othello


Read Act I of Othello by Wednesday. Study guide for Act I found on my blog; use study guide notes on possible upcoming quiz.

"Ballad of the Vets"

Gavriel Pincus

The Greatest Show on Earth

by Megan Jacinto

Baton Rouge

by Alyssa Pannell

Most Beautiful Angel

Maria Castillo

The Ballad of Sarah

by Meghan Schulien

The Viper Room

by Sydnee Rogers

The Ballad of Sunny Day

by Jordan Biehle

The Ballad of Muslim Pride

By Kailey Goodie

The Final Solution

By Som Shadparvar

Clownin' Around

By Garrett Grant

But Instead Silence Ruled the Day

By Cindy Vinay

English IV Honors

6 October 2016

Today's Objective:

to become familiar with Shakespeare's language

1. get a greeting from Mrs. Strawn :)

2. Prepare to die :(


Please sign up on the "Read, Write, Think" board if you would like to present your ballad Friday.

Pick have Act I of Othello read by Wednesday, October 12.

4 October 2016

English IV Honors


 Review a traditional ballad's form. 


1. Work on ballad annotation.

2. Work on original ballad.

3 October 2016

English IV Honors


Finish "Battle of the Ballads"


Original ballad due by 11:59 pm on October 4

28 September 2016

English IV Honors

Bell Work: Read the news article that you pick up from the table.


1. Turn in extra credit to tray.

2. "The Ballad of Birmingham"

3. Introduction to Original Ballad project.

HW: bring ballad of choice with lyrics, audio; annotate ballad for traits.

Revised versions of analysis essay due by 8 am Monday.

Ballad Annotation Process:

1. Read poem.

2. Mark rhyme scheme (abab or abcb).

3. Look at structural elements- refrain, quatrain.

4. Look for other traits- focus on one incident, telling a story, including dialogue, starts in the middle of action, little character development, based on actual events or common people.

26 September 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. Complete Socratic Seminar reflection and turn in packet.

2. Watch extra credit movie on your device with headphones and answer assigned questions.

3. Work quietly on another assignment. 

Socratic Seminar

Make-Up Days

Extra Credit: due by first of class on September 28

Wednesday, September 28 at 7:30 am in Mrs. Oualline's room

Thursday, September 29 at 4:00 pm in Mrs. Strawn's room

22 September 2016

1. Prepare for Round Table discussions by taking out notes, questions, chivalric code handouts, and any annotated texts.

20 September 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Objective:

Relate chivalric code to "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and the modern world.

Bell Work: 

Please take out your chivalric code chart and your electronic device. Number the codes listed in the "Code of Chivalry" box on front page (17 total).

 Now, access the class Twitter page (@MrsMegastrawn). Reply to the bell work question: give an explanation if omitting, post modern rephrasing, or post new code for add.

Be sure to include code number for existing codes; all need to include #cougarcode.

Turn in Arthur biography questions at beginning of class (through question #18).

Chart for "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and "Le Morte d'Arthur"- omit 3,4, and 7 for 

"Gawain" and 4, 7 for "Arthur"


1. Work with group to complete chart. 

2. Tomorrow's plan is to prepare for Round Table/Socratic Seminar. You will turn in Socratic prep (chivalric code chart and prepared questions the day of seminar).

19 September 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Objective:

Build historical background for characters in medieval romances, "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" and "Le Morte d'Arthur."


View A&E's biography of Arthur- complete questions

HW: Read "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight"

Today's Objectives:

Introduce the idea of chivalry.

Apply characteristics to events/characters from "Le Morte d' Arthur."

Complete one side of the chart based on chivalric code definition and "Le Morte d' Arthur" selection.

Extra Credit:

If you are interested in receiving up to 15 points to be added to an academic achievement grade, email me for the assignment by Sept. 22. Hard copy of assignment due by Sept. 28 at the beginning of class period.

23 August 2016: English IV Honors

Good morning! Please prepare for summer reading novel discussions by taking out your annotated texts and dialectical journals.

Typed journals are due to turnitin.com by 6 pm today.

**Today's Personal Playlist compliments of

Discussion questions are posted on megastrawn.wordpress.com 

Good morning!

Please sit with your reading group. You will have 30 minutes to complete the Venn diagram. Text evidence required for only 10 of 14 points of comparison/difference.

HW for tonight: Please read "Le Morte d' Arthur" on pages 188-196 of literature book. 

Both  "Arthur" and "Gawain" will be discussed in Socratic Seminars next week for AA grade.

13 September 2016


1. Review essay requirements- submit to turnitin.com by 11:59 pm

2. Complete Venn diagram connecting three texts: Beowulf, Grendel, and Eaters of the Dead.

9 September 2016

Reminder: senior picture retakes on Monday, September 12

We will meet in the flex lab Monday to finish revisions. Revised essay due Tuesday by 11:59 pm to turnitin.com.

Please turn in Beowulf study guide questions to period 6 tray.


Sit with your reading group to complete Venn diagram project. You will have time in class Tuesday to finish. 

Sit in your regular spot...

Today, we will play a game. Be ready:)

8 September 2016


Finish reading Beowulf and answering study guide questions.

If you finish early, discuss with your group the similarities and differences you notice between Grendel, EOD, and the poem.


Writing conferences will continue through Friday. Some comments have already been posted on turnitin.com.

Final drafts will be due Tuesday, September 13 at 11:59 pm.

Get a literature book from the front of the room; number of book should correspond with your desk number.


Read Beowulf, pages 30-38, through "The Battle with Grendel's Mother." 

Answer questions in study guide. Discuss how Beowulf compares to depictions in novels.

6 September 2016

English IV Honors

Today's Agenda:

1. Read pages 19-30 of literature book in small groups. Answer study guide questions as you read.

2. Writing Workshop with Mrs. Strawn

2 September 2016


1. View History Channel's documentary "Clash of the Gods" to build background on the historical setting of the epic poem Beowulf.

All summer reading essays that are submitted before 11:59 pm tonight will NOT receive a point deduction for lateness.

Those who posted essays by 11:59 pm Thursday will receive five bonus points.

Resumes need to be submitted by 11:59 pm Sunday.

1 September 2016


*Introduction to Anglo-Saxon time period in literature. Take notes over Mr. Osborne's lecture.

*The birth of the English language

**First draft due to turnitin.com by 11:59 pm

30 August 2016- English IV Honors

Turn in WANTED one-pagers to white tray.

View the resume examples from the table. Evaluate  content for correctness, appropriateness, etc. Circle or highlight any errors or potential problem areas. 

Summer Essay questions...

Access this site for help with your resume.

29 August 2016

English IV Honors

Please prepare for the quotation assessment by silencing your device and checking it in to the cell spa. You may retrieve it from the cell spa after you have finished your assessment but you may NOT use it while others are still testing. Your desk number should correspond with the numbered spa pocket.

You will need a pen, but all other items should be cleared from your desk and placed under your chair, please.

Today's Agenda:

1. Quotation Assessment (30 min.)

2. Introduction to analysis essay assignment. Read the instructions. Make a correction on chapter options from ch. 10 to ch. 9; the chapter title will not change.

**Reminder- Wanted one-pager is due Tuesday. Turn in your dialectical journal grading decision handout today, please.

24 August 2016

Find your desk (by number). Pick up the handout from the table and prepare for Socratic Seminar by taking out your novels and any notes you have.

HW: read ch. 1 in How to Read Literature Like aProfessor

23 August 2016-English IV Honors

Good afternoon! Please prepare for group discussion by taking out your annotated texts, dialectical journals, and paper for notes.

**Typed journals are due by 6pm today to turnitin.com.

Digital copies of the discussion questions can be found on megastrawn.wordpress.com

Socratic Seminar Wednesday:

*Bring annotated texts and notes to class. 

*Tomorrow's goal is for each student to demonstrate knowledge by a minimum of two quality responses (answers connected to specific text passages) to the discussion topic. 

*No academic achievement grades will be taken on summer reading assignments until next week. A quotation assessment will be given on Monday, and a process paper will be assigned covering the two works of fiction.

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