Instagram is a social networking site where you can post pictures and videos to share with your friends and followers.  You can also follow other people and see the photos and videos they post and like or comment on them.  Instagram rapidly became one of the most popular social media sites with 300 million active users.  Instagram users are very involved with the app, interacting with the posts 18 times more than interacting with Facebook posts.  With Instagram being so popular in our society, it is important to look into the positive and negative effects of using the app.  

Digital Footprint

Instagram, along with other social media sites leave a digital footprint.  Everything you post is out there for everyone to see.  Even if you put your profile on private it still can leave a digital footprint.  When posting pictures or videos on Instagram, a digital footprint is inevitable so you have to be very careful of what you post.  It is important to know the effects of posting on Instagram and being aware of what you post because once it is out there, people can trace the posts back to you and it is nearly impossible to delete it for good.    

Exposure Selection

One of the downfalls of social media is nothing is really private anymore.  But there is a selectable degree of privacy that you can choose.  Even if your Instagram is set to private, it still can leave a digital footprint and anyone can see what you have posted in the past.  Exposure selection makes it technically possible to select how much digital footprint gets exposed.  It is important to know Instagram's privacy settings and set them to what makes you comfortable posting photos and videos. 

Timeless Time

Posting on Instagram enables us to share photos and videos in synchronous and asynchronous time.  The photos are shown in order of when they were posted from most recent to least recent.  When you are checking Instagram, if you are checking it continuously, you can see photos that were posted seconds ago (synchronous) and you are able to see photos that were posted hours ago or days ago (asynchronous) depending on how often you are checking the app.  This allows us to live in a timeless time. 

Death of Distance

Instagram allows anyone to make an account no matter where they are in the world.  You can also follow anyone you want no matter where they are located.  This allows people to be up to date on other peoples posts no matter where they are.  You can be sitting in your living room and check Instagram and see your followers posts from around the world.  


On Instagram, you are able to reach out to as many people as you want to by setting your account to public, or you can post photos that only your friends can see.  There is also a direct messaging feature where you can directly send a picture to only one person or send a photo directly to multiple people.  Some people or businesses also may have an account that multiple people use and run, so its many to many communication.  Through Instagram, you are able to communicate one to many, many to one, one to one, or many to many.  

Network Structure 

One thing Instagram users can do is make money off of their posts.  Companies will reach out through Instagram and hire people to post photos of their products.  This is really common with celebrities and people with a large amount of followers.  Instagram  is a perfect way for companies to reach out to a lot of people at once because celebrities will have millions of followers that will see the post.  Sometimes companies will even pay celebrities thousands of dollars per Instagram post.   Instagram is one of the most popular ways that people can communicate with many people at once through the network structure that everyone is connected to.  

The End 

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