A platform that enables students to easily access their university & personal web from anywhere.

IESEG gives students access to about

 10 websites

Problem 1: Passwords

Log in once on


Clic on an icon 

to connect in a new tab

Drag & drop from the catalogue to add a new website

Type your ID and password for the last time ever

Ask for any website if we do not have it yet.

The catalogue is generated by you guys :)

1 clic Log Out

from all websites at once

- never get trolled by a friend again ;) -

University interest

Acces to university web in 1 clic

=> no loss of credentials (25%)

=> time saving (1week/year/person)

=> university services optimisation

Better mobility

=> Multi-device : IT rooms are more accessible

University administration platform

=> manage students accounts

=> usage tracking + competitor monitoring 

=> notifications

Education 3.0

=> discover new tools and e-learning

=> ease of use of new services

Implemented on all school computers at IESEG

(Lille & Paris)

on October 1st.

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