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Audio digitization, which is the chosen example, entails conversion of sound waves into a form that can get transmitted electronically. One of the characteristics of the digitized sound is poly-directionality. The effect of the trait is that once a sound is digitalized, it may be used in a multifaceted way in communication. It may either be used in one to one, or one to many communications. Additionally, it may be used in many to many correspondences.

Sound waves

An additional characteristic of sound digitization is death of distance. It is capable of getting accessed remotely via a network, a factor that functions to wholly eliminate the constraints imposed by distances (Clifford 382). Lastly, another trait of sound digitization is that it bears a digital footprint. Contemporarily, a significant percent of digitized videos, texts, and audio is shared online, and made available for viewership by a larger audience base. The effect of the aforementioned characteristics is that firms leverage it to gain market intelligence, and subsequently grow their operations.

Sound Wave

Notably, once a sound is digitized, it is transmitted and stored electronically. 

 Internet is an important component of digitization process

The described three effects interact to promote transmission, and storage of digitalized sounds. Death of distance in a digitalized world means that conveyance period of sounds is minimized. In the same way, a poly-directionality means that sounds can reach many more persons at the same time, while audio digital footprints enhance firm’s marketing activities. In the end, the interaction of the digitalization traits’ effects works to create a seamless and fast channel of communication and carrying out commerce.

ICT has functioned to transform social interactions

Nowadays, individuals in one part of the world can quickly access, and listen to musical sounds produced in another part of globe (Frank 60). Additionally, the effects of audio digitalization have enhanced social welfare, as they have created employment opportunities.

The impact of the three effects arising from digitalization’s characteristics is that it has led to improved form of interactions. 

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