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Review Award Submissions Assignments 5min

Review Submitted Draft Applications 20min

Develop Outline for Applications 20min

Identify Data to Support Each Application 10min

Next Steps 5min

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Review Award Submissions Assignments 5min

• Service to Business Award [Industry Councils & Industry Fairs, Skills Development Fund Collaboration and Prudential work to identify how we have helped to meet their needs (Cassandra/Lucio)]

• Service to Workers Award [Veterans, ADP, Prudential/WOS to outreach through WIT.com for cohorts, VIP, US Chamber job fairs, Expanding onsite at Ft. Bliss, Increased outreach through Bugle, Veterans Initiatives, Congressman brought in company (Cassandra/Lucio)]

• Service to Community Award [Services to Individuals with Disabilities to include Breaking Barriers, after hours call center, Pride, sensitivity training, Good will (Terry and Shamori)]

• Industry Sector Outreach Award [Skills Gap Analysis & Collaboration with Borderplex Alliance, Targeted Occupation List to Align with BA Strategic Plan,Paso Del Norte Certification as a compliment to IRSC (Natalie)]

• Service to Child Care Quality [Marisela]

• Career Awareness/Youth Inspiration [STEM+ART FIESTA (Joseph), MathChallenge, High School to Middle School Mentorship, Sponsorships from Private Business, Executive involved in the schools promoting math competencies, Cash Awards]

• Employer of the Year [Western Refining – expand utilization(Lucio) and ADP – collaborated with un on grant opportunity such as Tech Hire (Shamori)]

• Local Employer of Excellence [Toro (Cassandra)]

Review Submitted Draft Applications

• Service to Business

• Service to Workers

• Service to Community

• Industry Sector

• Service to Child Care

• Career Awareness

• Employer of the Year

• Local Employer of Excellence

 Develop Outline for Applications

What data are you analyzing?

Who were the partners were involved?

How was it innovative?

What were the successful outcomes?

How much did it cost?

Identify Data to Support Each Application

Next Steps

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