Where did the sport originate from and what year?

Squash was invented in Harrow school in England around 1830.

What are the general rules of the sport?

Squash is a game played with two people or teams of two. Who ever is going to serve the ball has to have at least one foot in the “serving box”. The server will haft to hit the ball directly onto the front wall. Then the opposite person or team must hit the ball before it hits the ground twice, if the opposite team fails to do so they lose

How many people are involved in a game at a time?

If playing with individuals only two people, if playing in doubles there will be four.

What is the length of the game?

A regular Squash match can be 10-30/40, or till one player can get 11 points before their opponent.

How do you score a point in the game?

Either player can score points. If a player cannot continue the serve or return the ball to the opponent, the opponent will receive a point and becomes the server.

what is the strategy of the sport?

 Watch how your opponent approaches the Squash ball, but also watch the ball at the same time.

What are the field dimensions of play for the sport?

9,75m in length, 6,4m in width and 5,64m in the height.

What are the major fouls/penalties i the sport?

1)A warning, 2)A stroke, 3)A game, 4)A match

What kind of equipment is used for the sport?


Sneakers, a racket, shirt, shorts, and Squash ball(ball  not required at all games)

What kind of leagues are there?

Brazil- SPAC Squash, USA-Evanston Squash Club, Qatar- John Lords Duffers league.

How has the sport change from the original?

In the original squashed peopleplayed it for fun, now people play in compations

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