Campaign Performance - Overall

Campaign Performance - Per influencer


Bonus Facebook Coverage

Additional Press Coverage with influencers

Conclusion & Insights

- Overall, the results are extraordinary thanks to a good selection of influencer portfolio & great experience the influencers had on the event day.

- Hong Kong is a special market:

  • Audience: event-driven, fashion/luxury-sensitive, active on social media
  • Influencers: relationship-based; celebrity and semi-celebrity profiles for several

- Insights about the influencer portfolio:

  • Combination of reach (width) and engagement (depth)
  • Pictures with the influencer's face have more engagement usually (more personalized, essential of native endorsement)

- Other factors to assure a successful Instagram campaign for events in the future :

  • An attractive brief (event marketing, privilege feel)
  • Relationship & trust building with the influencers before the event
  • Timely, clear and personalized communication with influencers (campaign objective, event rundown)
  • Smooth and attentive logistic arrangement on the event day
  • Interaction with the influencers on the social posts published
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Mumm Grand Cordon HK Reporting

by vivien


Unlisted - 10/18/16, 12:32 PM