Ryan thomas oliver -red ranger

Bio:ryan was unlike most kids his mom and dad were past green/white and pink.

cory Olson-black

bio:cory was just some skater who loved to skate he protected his sister with his life she was older but he didn't care one thing is sure he got along with her boyfriend the leader and red ranger when it came to being the black ranger he was always ready to help.

kohl Aarons-blue ranger

Bio: kohl was just some baseball player who didn't know   the meaning of friendship till he met his leader Ryan he really didn't like being told what to do but later became blue ranger and Ryan's best friend.

Alex Simmons-green ranger  

Bio: Alex was a football player with many skills he was great with a blade but bad with a blaster other than when morphed he was the green ranger.

Kate Olson-Pink ranger

Bio:She was different from the past pink rangers she was a tomboy at heart as the 5th member she new how to kick.

jordan adams-gold ranger

Bio:jordan was the cool kid of the team and as the gold ranger he was strong and fast he ignored all but the red ranger he swore to protect ryan.

jackson oliver-aqua male

Bio:jackson was a soccer player and he is ryan's brother who is a year younger his girl shares the aqua energem with him.

sophia andrews-aqua female

Bio:as the 2nd aqua ranger her powers make her stronger but her love makes her really strong.

Drake oliver-graphite   1

Bio:drake was the oldest of the oliver kids at age 20 he found his energem his student who is 15 is the 2nd graphite ranger.

andrew jeffries-graphite 2

bio: as the only 15 year old on the team and the 2nd graphite ranger andrew is hard headed.

Susan stone-purple female

Bio:susan is the purple ranger she fell in love with the black ranger but later had feelings the green ranger she was nice but when it came to ryan her cousin she got protective.

tommy oliver-silver

Bio:tommy is the 2nd legend ranger from the past to be on the team tommy fights side by side with his family.

devon oliver-navy


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