Turmoil Left Behind From WWI

  • Left the world in chaos
  • German economy was in ruins
  • People were starving
  • Governments were divided
  • The Treaty of Versailles upset Germany
  • Hard feelings still remained

The Treaty of Versailles

  • A treaty signed at the end of World War I 
  • Ended the war between Germany and the Allied Powers
  • Called for Germany to pay large amounts of money
  • Caused chaos and weakness in Germany
  • Allowed leaders such as Hitler to rise to power

Political Instabilty

  • WWI  led to an economic depression across Europe
  • Businesses and factories closed
  • Not enough jobs available
  • League of Nations failed at keeping peace
  • Germany refused to pay debts
  • High Inflation in Germany 
  • Allowed leaders like Hitler to rise to power


  • Great pride in one's country
  • Motivation for joining Nazi Party
  • Pride was wounded during World War I
  • Influenced military strength
  • Countries tried to outdo each other
  • Propaganda fed off Nationalism

Rise of Hitler

  • Adolf Hitler- Nazi Leader
  • Believed Germany should fight wars for settlements on the land
  • Germany needed long-range planes and super battleships to fight a large navy
  • 1933- Hitler came to power
  • Started the war on September 1, 1939 

The Great Depression

  • People throughout the world experienced great economic suffering
  • Many didn’t have jobs and were struggling
  • Unstable governments
  • Worldwide turmoil
  • People everywhere were in poverty

Attack on Pearl Harbor

  • December 7, 1941
  • United States was attacked
  • 360 Japanese aircraft  bombed Pearl Harbor
  • Served to unify American public opinion
  • December 8th, congress declared war on Japan
  • Germany and  other Axis Powers then declared war on the U.S.


  • Considered the glorification of the military
  • Japan and Germany showed these  characteristics
  • Hitler argued that military force was a way of proving German superiority
  • Glorified military actions
  • Made military aggression desirable

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Causes of World War II

by sawhi802


Public - 9/12/16, 6:44 PM