8th Grade

Freshman Year


  • Creativity
  • The basics (MLA, spelling, punctuation)


  • Consistency
  • Poor word choices
  • Connecting my sentences

Sophomore Year

As participation we were to write in our journals everyday and we would have a new prompt everyday.

Junior Year

During this time I found myself and found my favorite type of writing 


Throughout my 4 years of high school I have probably written/ done projects on 5 things regarding family.

The 1st essay was written my junior year and the last one was written senior year

Common/Career Interest

During sophomore year we had to do a job shadowing project of anything of our interest. As a last resort I picked my psychologist office and ended up being something I plan on majoring in

A lot of papers ended up being about psychology and different outlooks and scenarios of them. The blog helped me further my interest as well.

Research Papers

All 4 years the year ended with one huge research paper and every year mine was different but shows my true development through all


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