Where did handball originate and what year?

How many players are involved in the sport at a time during the game?

It originated in Germany and Europe. The year was in the late 19th century.

There are 6 outfielders and 1 goal keeper.

How does scoring occur during the game?

What is the field dimensions of play for the sport?

Scoring occurs when one person from one of the two teams throw the ball in to the net/goal.

The field is 40 by 20 meter (131 by 66 feet)

What is the basic strategy (tactics) of the game?

What are the major penalties/fouls of the game?

Pivot, Back court and actions of pivot.

Things that would be towards the opponents and not the ball.such as reaching around, holding, pushing, hitting, tripping, and jumping int the opponent. 

What type of equipment is used for the spot?

what type of leagues exist for the sport (professional, amateur, cup games, international competition, Olympic Games, ect.) 

A ball is the only type of equipment.

Handball is and international competition.

How has the sport changed since its origination.

The sport had went from an outside event to and indoors event. They will go outside and play for special occasions. 

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