What is the campaign’s key message ?

Focus the message on vegetables

Make vegetables sexy 

What special features does the product or service have?

100% vegetables


 Low fat

Our products comes from local farmers and producers.

Most of our products are organic.

What are the USPs (Unique selling points) ? 

The situation : our restaurants are located downtown

Atmosphere : All of our restaurants are cosy and feng-shui designed ! It’s a unique experience.

A non-smoking environment

Reasonable prices

Who is your target audience?

Dedicated to the health-conscious people of all ages

and curious people in search of new experience.

What media will you use? 

  media : advertisements (signs)

 because it’s affordable for a small chain of restaurants. 

invading social networks through hashtags (video)

moreover, with signs we can dispatch them in the city in strategic areas easily.

What special promotion will you use at the start of the campaign? 

a special discount of 20% for the 3 first tables reserved every day.

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Advertising campaign

by viaulucas25


Public - 12/22/16, 5:43 PM