Medical and Retail Partnerships 

for Architects and IT 

in 20 slides


Topics to be covered today

1. Urgent Care Centers (definition) :

Decentralized healthcare provider facilities 

found both in urban and suburban contexts

deployed by large healthcare providers

2. Augmented Media Facade (definition) :

Architectural facade with lighting and multimedia screens

capable of directly broadcasting augmented reality experiences

to individuals with mobile and wearable devices.

What do they have in common?

* This can be more like two circles and a common domain diagram where 

CMS solution, computer vision SDK and multi-media contents enable new opportunities.

Medical and Retail Partnerships for Architects and IT

1. Urgent Care Centers (Medical) Partnership :

Outpatient education

Medical services & products

Seasonal health/ Outbreak information  

Personal connection with the healthcare provider

2. Augmented Media Facade (Retail) Partnership :

e- Commerce

Augmented reality CMS

Remote AR self-marketing

Demo spaces for Start-ups

Speaker : 

Youngjae Chung

Architectural Designer

Digital Media Producer



Augmented Media Facade (Retail) Partnership : Next Gen Market Place

" You can reserve it like it's

a self-storage service."

Augmented promotion and 

advertisement campaign

in the most visited locations.

Why don't people in San Jose shop downtown?

Because the shops are too far apart.

Going to a shop, people usually can't find everything they want.

When trying to visit other shops, its too hard to find parking*.


Customers cannot do all the shopping they want in time,

They go to shopping malls instead, where the shops are not too far apart,

Sales taxes may not go to the downtown but to other counties,

Increasing inbound and outbound traffic,

When shoppers travel more distances.

*Based on Downtown San Jose Business Market Research

Shopper Survey Results 2009

How about shopping mall comes to where you park.

So there is no need for people to look for parking,

all shops within blocks can show their products,

makes shopping downtown easier,

saves gas and time, frees up downtown parking,

expands demo spaces for start ups to downtown,

just to name a few benefits.

Think of it as a mobile farmer's market that 

connects intuitively to a comprehensive 

and personally curated feed of 

innovative products and services. (= micro shopping mall?)

Case Study 2 : San Francisco Westfield Mall (indoor)

Coworking goes to Shopping mall

Coworking spaces are one of rising business models that 

support and cultivate innovative practices and businesses.

Bespoke, presents a new way of working with coworking,

by also giving spaces for demos with physical presence and 

exposure that many coworking spaces cannot offer today.

a new mode of

working ( with ) disciplines

going ( about ) innovation

being exposed

showing ( with ) leads

reaching ( out to ) needs

From Urban Mall

Demo Digital Fronts

San Francisco

To Metro Street

Media Facades


Case Study 1


Cities and their downtown metros 

need downtown businesses 

to do well in order to 

sustain and improve city services,

People who live downtown

needs more concentrated 

market places without 

every businesses downtown

having to physically relocate

inside one big warehouse.

Case Study 2


Companies of all sizes need 

more than just cool offices

and creative office culture.

They need a testing ground,

where they can engage 

customers directly with their

latest products and services,

They need what it takes 

to get over the hump: 

They need a go-to-market entry

into their ideal market places.

We can analyze a city. We can create Next Gen Market Places / Urgent Care Centers.

Does it sound too far fetched?

Microsoft acquired Minecraft

and now they are showing the way 

with how we might envision cities.

With new media technology partnership such as Microsoft Hololens and Trimble 

are creating a solution for visualizing iterations in high quality, and immersive digital alternative to physical model making, creating new possibilities for more seamless and comprehensive design and decision making process.

Augmented Media Facades ?... Snake Oil Business?

So anyone from anywhere 

can reserve a wall or any surface and

promote and market anything anywhere? 

Time square? and its invisible unless someone

takes a phone out, download an app 

and press scan "that general direction"?

Lets talk about what google's been upto.

Today Google is Go-To-Market.

Now with nearly half the market share of all internet marketing already , 

Google is also investing into information infrastructure of cities. 

Beginning with New York City and the new linkNYC projects, 

Now expected to control more than 10,000 payphones 

and subway display units with free Giga byte Wifi, 

Touchscreen displays for advertisements.

However, there is interesting implication that 

a robust and free wifi services has to AR and VR industry.

Majority of new startups and new companies depend on internet*

Web and app projects for introducing their products, services, and traction.

Our AF partnership is designed to foster companies to evolve their urban go-to-market strategy through digital out of home (DOOH )marketing that is scalable, and is alternative to existing DOOH companies that are accessible only for large companies with million dollar marketing budgets by leveraging new media technologies.

The partnership takes advantages of 

in-house web-platform for content management system and data monitoring tools for marketing results in physical locations, showing a new model for a full spectrum marketing with a level of integration, ease of use, and post-digital quality that makes us proud.

Reasons for Choosing Augmented Facade Partnership (AFP)


In order to deploy Out-of-Home Advertisement

in a city like New York City you must:

- Be approved by FCRC

(Franchise and Concession Review Committee)

- Pay for the constructions and permits

- Schedule and manage different contractors

- *Expensive fees of working with Titan, Outfront, Cemusa and 

other OOH industry leaders in order to pursue believable conversion rate.

* According to traditional billboard advertisements can cost 30,000 USD per month (San Francisco), they are low impact and not scalable.


Remote /online reservation and usage of digital out-of-home Advertisement with augmented reality content management system activated with in-house built mobile and wearable apps for enterprise partners, entrepreneurs, and consumers.


Base fee scaled to different lots times duration.

With extra charge of payment per over 1000 views,

Discount if low conversion rate.

Please refer to the slides 21-26


As we have learned, USA, which spends the most for marketing in the world, 

spent 2.3 billions for DOOH 

(digital out-of-home) marketing in 2014.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality could reach 150 billion revenue by 2020

GLOBALLY, AR taking the lion's share of 120 billion, according to Digi-Capital.

And a fraction of the 120 billion will be spent toward AR adspend, about 5 billions.

So by 2020, what will the the total sum of DOOH and Augmented Reality Adspend?

Why wouldn't it reach 10 billion in USA?

"Advertising has been evolving. Simple commercials and banner ads are giving way to more immersive and, in some cases, natural ads. HoloLens offers 

the opportunity for advertising to be an experience. The VR tech also makes it possible to integrate ads in an organic way that does not take people out of the experience in the virtual world.


Microsoft, and its partner AOL, have an opportunity to become the first company to create a new experience for advertisers. 

To do that, however, Microsoft must put HoloLens in millions of homes, and that could be its greatest challenge."


130+ companies in : 


Urban networks

Regional networks

Sports venues & arenas


Clubs, bars & restaurants



Office buildings

Travel & Tourism


Gas Stations & Convenience Stores

Health Clubs & Fitness Centers

Campuses & Universities


DOOH 2.3 billions out of

OOH 7.2 billions market share

( USA National OOH Adspend )

NYC #1 Adspending in the world :

DOOH NYC Competition

(Digital Out of Home)

Outfront (Billboards)

Titan 360 (Phone booths)

Control Group (Subway)

Cemusa (Urban furniture)

Clear Channel Outdoor - Connect program


"Because the best possible way to find product-market fit is to define your own market."

" This isn’t a new idea. There are many brands whose marketing activities or positioning has them selling something other than (and usually larger than) their product: Harley Davidson sells motorcycle riding, but it especially sells freedom and independence. Most luxury brands sell something that comes down to 'being better than you are' (richer, better looking, more attractive to those you find desirable, etc.)"

Marketing has changed.

Lower end means building 

ever more traffic by relaying.

Higher end means ever stronger story of building desirability of the most excluvisve.

MILESTONES : First 12 Months

Phase I.

Web Development Engineer(s)Hired

AR CMS Alpha Release (online) / Invitation-only Alpha Testers / Film Interviews

AR CMS Beta Release (online) / Gather Beta Testers / Film Demo Prototype

Phase II.

Exhibition @ NYC Midtown Special District or Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC

Pavilion/DOOH locations contract AND/OR Land Procurement

Phase III.

Fabrication of modules ( Exact design, Size, and Costs to be finalized yet)

Delivery/Launch ( Holiday Season )

Shareholder/ Partner meeting / Seed Investment Round

Operational Model


Lead Development Engineer : TBA

Chief Marketing Officer : TBA

Advisor : TBA

Founder : Youngjae Chung


Isn't getting a building built 


an enterprise IT project

by themselves complicated enough?

Why would one want to do both at the same time? 

and even if there is a good enough reason,

How would one manage and integrate them?

Lets talk VC - which way is the right fit for the partnership?

Tech Affordable 


Weak Barrier 


Venture Capital

Tech Premium 


Strong Barrier



Price-point Attainable ONLY

with Large Volume


Higher Risk

Preorder ONLY

High Resolution Member Profiles


Lower Risk

Augmented Facade

(Retail & Data)


10 billion market size by 2020

1 percent share of the market

= 100+ million

The right fit for VC

Web video augmentation

processing CMS

Partnership ( Not real time )

Market size undetermined

a Marriage of TV advertisment

and P2P Adtech via AR/MR

VC - Fitness undetermined

How strong is a partnership's barrier?

Go-to-market is not necessarily disciplinary specific problem of architecture.

But there is disciplinary specific problem about go-to-market for architects.

Because all the technologies are on the market already and are available,

its business model does not have a strong barrier like patents and long lasting contracts.

So if the revenues and the target output (a large company for public offering) 

is big enough (100+ million USD), It is the right fit for Venture Capital.

However because of the complexity of the project,

it require coordination with many different parties and many types of companies,

it requires strong connections, lasting relationships, and a clear message.

Scheduling collaborations, In-house and Contracts

Integrating a system of parts / connectivity

Holographic Street Market

How it works for the Advertisers:

a Wikitude weblink interface

or Hololens native application

*Promotino reel shows a person arranging

assets in Voxels, animated to be seen 

from many directions

How it works for the Audience :

Mobile devices or Head mount devices

*Images shows a street corner with

people wearing headsets seeing 

contents from different positions

Full Project Timeline PDF w/ Milestones (WIP)

Current Problems in Web Development is designed to allow a user to create an account, to reserve a physical marker placed, exhibited, or built in specific locations in a city for specific amount of time, and augment unique id markers in anyway users can and please.

So there needs to be an embeddable web app like,

except for physical trackable augmented reality markers, not a dinner table.

After a user creates an account and reserves a lot, 

the user should be able to upload contents and to prepare the slot before 

the general public and our team checks out the augmented contents onsite, 

generate reviews and upload our experiences via various social media channels.

Current Problems in Web Development

[ Team ] Ideally, there should be an easy way for users to create channels with augmented contents while they are logged in our website without leaving the website they logged in when they reserved a slot. What solutions do you have for this kind of situation?

[ Wikitude ] "This sounds like an interesting project - very much like building your own CMS/Editor for augmented reality experience. The questions are beyond our scope and ideally to discuss with your solution partner."

[ TEAM ] I see that a service and a website like sketchfab finding their web based services to be embedded into other services like squarespace, bunkr, facebook, and etc. Is it possible to embed wikitude studio into our website using a SDK license that will allow many people to use integrated wikitude studio within our website/ web service?

[ Wikitude ] "Unfortunately this is not possible."

Work Around - leaning towards a MVP

a. Unity3d as the default AR scene creator + 

b. Uploading the scene on an open source CMS/ CMS plugin under user profiles +

c. Custom App/website capable of uploading or taking a photo of 

    a trackable image for augmentation under user profiles +

d. Wikitude PRO Unlimited SDK for tracking 2d and 3d objects + 

e. Weblink per Wikitude world for one augmented experience (as many weblinks per user)

    (uses a website with an image of the trackable architecture with weblink icons per slot)

Alternative : requires approval and partnership with Sketchfab

a. Unity3d as the default AR scene creator +

b. Uploading the scene on database startup like Sketchfab +

c - d. The same.

e. Weblink per Wikitude world for one augmented experience with the augment link integrated within a sketchfab member profile/content address

Identifying MVP (Minimal Viable Product) for the Partnership

Likely to be an embedable solution/partnership into an existing legacy system that has reached a period of update and maintenance with far reaching influences.

"Identifying your MVP starts with articulating your vision. 

How was your application conceptualized? : I was trying to find a way to finance a pavilion design in frankfurt, germany with a synthetic material that was translucent for LG hausys.

What will it do? : it enables AR DOOH in Urban Hubs with Custom CMS Solution.

And who are its intended users? : Businesses that cant afford convenient access to street but needs it for operations and growth and Marketing Companies with Tech Interests.

Leave the bells and whistles behindYou don’t need them. : SLAM, GIGA FREE INTERNET

Find the best and simplest way to meet your customers’ need. : 

That’s the product you should be bringing to market."

- Dolphin Micro, quoting The Lean Startup by Eric Ries.

MVP (Minimal Viable Product) : a tight spectrum fills the void

MVP alpha : online video processing technology

Now there are a huge data base of unique images to track

and imagine flying a drone filming over skyline of logos and image based unique identifiers rather than IP addresses, followed by a surge of information and images.

MVP alpha : CMS based Mixed Reality Video Processing

Imagine now that there is a huge data base of 

unique images to track and imagine flying a drone 

filming over skyline of logos and unique identifiers,

followed by a surge of information and images.

It can transform how we see the world.

and the transformed world will look us back.

Getting Involved

Currently we are interested to speak to you about :

Advisory / Accounting

Consulting / Legal Council

Facility / Exhibition

Incorporation / Partnership / +1 929.421.8978 / Twitter @bsych

Please feel free 

to connect with me

via linkedin.

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