Happy- Pharrell Williams  

The song Happy by Pharrell Williams tells people to be happy. The lyrics are relaxing, and the lines talk about love and make people forget sadness. I like the line is “Sunshine, she’s here, you can take a break”. that means his lover is right here and makes his world shine so he told the sunshine to take a break. This shows being with someone who you fall in love will makes you happy. 

Social Media Blogger: Daphane

Family and Relationship

In the blog “joyful days” there is a post written by Daphne, this woman believes that happiness comes from our Family and Relationships. She used to live an unhappy life because she was texting to communicate with people, but then she realized that’s not the best way, therefore she tried to talk to people without using phone. and now she is happy to make friends. She believes the three main things to be happy are good health, positive thinking and Meaningful work.


In the Mini movie by Illumination, the characters are in competition with each other. Minions start throwing paper to wastebasket. It looks they are fighting and going hard to write competition but finally they help each other and they knew throwing paper to wastebasket was for fun. This clip taught me how friends are important and to keep relationship with friend can help make happy memories.

Helping People

This video is from Thai advertisement. 30 years ago, the character in the video had helped a young boy. This young boy growing up to be a doctor when he realized the old man he was treating needed help, the doctor paid for his medicine. The old man he always help people; he knows that won’t get any benefit from them, but he knows helping people makes he happy. This video inspire me what is “ To Give Is Better Than Receive”.

My own connection- Sam Kim

play soccer- Sam Kim

Soccer makes me happy, I can get over any kind of stress, and it also keeps my body in good shape. sweat makes me feel excited and refreshed energetic. Soccer builds up good relationship between me and my friends. No matter if we win or lose, we are always together. The best profit of playing soccer is it’s ability to maintain our health.

In the film by Illumination, the characters are competition each other. Minions start throw paper to wastebasket, it looks like they fight and going hard for win on competition but finally they help each other. I like that story development when they start do something for fun and fight but finally they feel again they start for fun and help each other. This story development give me many feeling, I learn how friends are important and keep relationship with friend can help make happy memories.

My own connection- Vivian Tsai

In my opinion, I think that the most important thing is to be happy with friends and family. When you help someone you will feel love and happiness because helping others can makes our’s life better and peaceful with less conflict. We can not have the discrimination or be self-centered we should make friends with others.

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What makes people happy

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