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Kyle Mellander

github: kylemellander

ember slack: kylemellander

Software Engineer at FocusVision

Core Team Member at Ember-Simple-Auth

Front-end Data

  • Loading only what you need
  • Will kill you if you are not careful with what you're calling

The Chrome Distortion - 


The Assumptions


2. API Not In Stone

Principle #2:

Fight to do the computing on the backend

Principle #3:

Mimic your backend in whatever ways that make sense, but keep it as simple as possible.

Problem #1 - Lots of records in relationship

Trick #1: 

Paginating relationships:

Use Links

Problem #2 - Content heavy page bogging app down

Trick #2 cont...: Use ember-smoke-and-mirrors

Problem #3 - Relationship is making too many #show requests

Trick #3:

coalesceFindRequests() in adapter can help you load lots of related records 

Trick #3:

Be aware of your Data

Slides link:


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Ember Portland Meetup - Ember Data and Relationships

by kylemellander


Public - 7/12/16, 11:55 PM