*Beach Volleyball in PORTUGAL!

It began in PORTUGAL.

*The beach volleyball started in 2012. 

*Its the total of 96 of the world's finest beach volleyball players.

*It started in Hawaii, when the outrigger beach and canoe

club set up a court on Waikiki beach. *The Most people though believe that it begun in Santa Monica, California, in the 1920's, about 25 years after the indoor version of the game was invented on the other side of USA in Massachusetts.   

The second part of the beach volleyball

 *The sport began as a form of family first played fun at 

wide appeal and low cost meant it soon will be spread around the world. By the 1930's it was being played in the most strange places: Riga, 

Sofia and Prague, the capital cities of Latvia, Bulgaria, and then Czechoslovakia.*The sport was given a boost during the Great Depression.

 Cash-strapped Americans in the hundreds flocked to the beaches to play the virtually a no-cost pastime and a free source of Entertainment. By the 1950's, competitions was being held in California.


Rules about Beach Volleyball

*Don't let the hit the floor

*You only have three hits before you half to get the ball back over the net.

*two players on a team and they can't hit it twice in a row.

*They can't touch the net.

Scoring and the length of the game.

*The first team who wins two sets of the gamewins the match

To win a set, it's the first team to get 21 points 

You have to be able to pass the ball

You have to set the ball so that your teammate can get it 

You can block the ball from coming over the net 

Dimensions of the court 

The court is sand. It is 16 by 8 meters


Court size 16 by 9 meters

Net across the middle

Portuguese Volleyball First Division is the top men's volleyball league

Olympic team 



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