Handball in Germany

Handball started in Berlin, Germany around 1917 by a man named Max Heiser. the sport was originally for girls. 

There are a lot of rules for handball but here are a few. Each team has seven players and one goalkeeper. Players have to throw the ball in their designated goal hopefully it makes it in.

Handball is a game that combines basketball and soccer. To win or score the game you have to get the ball in the opponents net by shooting, dribbling, or passing. 

The length of the game handball is two periods with 30 minutes in each period.

 The field dimensions for handball are 40 meters by 20 meters. It is bigger than a basketball court. The only things used to play handball is a leather ball and a 40 by 20 meter court. The teams participate in the Olympics, European championships, and also clubs for men and women.  

In 1890 handball was compared to a game called Konrad's Koch's Raffballspeil which was played in most German schools.

 Some tips or strategies for the game would be to to throw the ball "side-arm" moving your arm in a sideways motion. Also to practice with friends and family.

People will sometimes have to sit out for penalties because they were hurting the person and not the ball. Also known as hitting, pushing, and kicking.


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